The DiscountASP.NET Windows 2012 hosting platform supports ASP.NET Core

Formerly known as ASP.NET 5, you can take advantage of ASP.NET Core with Visual Studio 2015 and 2017.

In order to provide the latest versions of .NET Core, we allow you to run it "self-contained" in your own website space. That means you upload only the elements you need for your purposes, so you have lower overhead and greater control.

Some of the features of ASP.NET Core include:

  • Cross-platform ASP.NET across Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Supports side-by-side app versioning
  • Modular framework distributed as NuGet packages
  • Single web stack for Web UI and Web APIs

If you need help converting a framework-dependent .NET Core application to run in self-contained mode, we have two step-by-step Knowledge Base articles available:

ASP.NET Core is a complete rewrite of .NET, so it may not always be at feature parity with the latest version of ASP.NET. Microsoft promises that there will be frequent updates that add greater functionality.

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