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Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

What is SSL?
Secure your site with SSL SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology that is commonly used for encrypting communications between users and e-commerce websites, thereby securing server to browser transactions. The SSL protocol utilizes encryption to prevent eavesdropping and tampering of the transmitted data, and is used to secure information passed by a browser (such as a customer's credit card number or password) to a webserver (such as an online store).

The SSL protocol is the Web standard for encrypting communications between users and SSL protected sites. SSL provides businesses and consumers with the confidence that private data sent to a Web site are kept confidential. Web server certificates (also known as secure server certificates or SSL certificates) are required to initialize an SSL session.

How do I know if a site is SSL-protected?
Customers know when they have an SSL session with a website when their browser displays the little gold padlock and the address bar begins with a https rather than http.

With the new Extended Validation SSL Cert, the browser bar turns a green color more visibly indicating a secure webpage.

What is required for a webserver (website) to use SSL?
In order for a website to use SSL a SSL Certificate is required (also known as Web Server Certificates and Secure Server Certificates). SSL Certificates are installed onto the webserver hosting the particular website.

Windows hosting feautres list: Click Here What is a CSR
CSR is short for Certificate Signing Request. When applying for a SSL certificate the first stage is to have the host create a CSR on your web server. This involves telling your web server some details about your site and your organization, it will then output a CSR file. This file will be needed when you apply for your SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Key or Private Key?
The SSL Key, also known as a Private Key, is the secret key associated with your SSL certificate and should reside securely on your web server. When you create a CSR your web server will also create a SSL Key. When your SSL certificate has been issued, you will need to install the SSL certificate onto your web server - which effectively marries the SSL certificate to the SSL key. As the SSL key is only ever used by the web server it is a means of proving that the web server can legitimately use the SSL certificate. If you do not have, or lose either the SSL Key or the SSL certificate then you will no longer be able to use SSL on your webserver.

Does DiscountASP.NET support SSL?
Yes, we offer support for SSL with our SSL Addon.

How do I get an SSL Certificate?
You have a few options for obtaining an SSL certificate.

(Option I) DiscountASP.NET provides a RapidSSL dedicated SSL Certificate to active accounts that has enabled the SSL Addon. This is NOT a shared SSL certificate.

(Option II) You can buy other SSL certificates from DiscountASP.NET.

SSLCertificate Annual Price Warranty
RapidSSL Included with SSL addon $10,000
RapidSSL Wildcard $145 $10,000
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium $124 $500,000
GeoTrust True BusinessID $154 $1,250,000
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV $254 $1,500,000
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard $484 $1,250,000

(Option III) You can purchase an SSL certificate directly from an SSL provider and use the SSL certificate. We list some of the recommended SSL providers in our knowledge base.

Is the RapidSSL SSL Certificate that DiscountASP.NET provides me with the SSL addon portable if I cancel my account?
No. The RapidSSL Certificate that DiscountASP.NET provides is only for active accounts with the SSL addon. The RapidSSL certificate that we provide customers is not portable.

The costs of SSL Certificates vary so much. Why is there such a difference?
Though the encryption process is similar, the cost difference is typically due to the level of business verification and SSL verification services. The cheaper SSL certificates will only verify the domain owner via an email exchange. This type of verification is very quick, taking only a matter of minutes but lacks a full business verifications.

The professional and more expensive solutions not only verifies the domain name owner but they also verify the business legitimacy - by checking Dun and Bradstreet numbers (, incorportion documents, DBA documentation ...etc. The more expensive certificates typically also include SSL/business verification seals.

Since a user can click on the SSL Seal and get business verification information along with the SSL verification, they will have extra confidence that the SSL certificate is associated with a professional and legitimate business entity.

The new EV certs turn the browser window green as a visual indicator that the web page is secure. You can check out our online order form for an example of an EV Cert.

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