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The following reviews and testimonials are real comments provided by real customers and partners.

See DiscountASP.NET Reviews and Testimonials From:
2010-16 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007
2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003

Reviews and Testimonials

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"The hosting has been phenomenal... If anyone asks for a recommended ASP.NET host, you're my number 1 through 10 suggestion."
- J. Thomas

"I have been dealing with DiscountASP.NET since the start of my company 11 years ago. I knew nothing about website management at that time. They have been extremely patient and have the fastest response time to requests for support I have ever seen in any company. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing website/email service, experienced or novice."
- C. Bowman

"Thanks for your help, and I must say my first impressions of your company are excellent...! The quality and response to my requests have been outstanding."
- R. Tyers

"Just wanted to say thanks! You guys are the best!"
- N. Vjaters

"I am happy with, and it remains my primary hosting company for .NET web sites. I pay the extra cost because I never encounter any 500 errors that I get with other hosting companies. SErvers are fast and responsive. Most importantly: I love the proactive notification about support outages, etc. Nobody else is brave enough to do this. I expect maintenance, so it doesn't scare me."
- T. Sides

"I am absolutely amazed at how great DiscountASP.NET is! It isn't only how quickly you've resolved my issue, but also the fact that you guys have been so consistent in the unbelievably great service I've received over the years. I've worked with various hosting companies and I would classify DiscountASP.NET as being one of the top tier hosting companies. It's no wonder why I recommend you guys to everyone I know. Please keep up the fantastic work! I have been converted into a raving fan!"
- H. Noordin

"I hosted my first site with and encountered no problems, superb support and 100% uptime and then, like a fool, I tried a hosting firm in the UK because of misleading adverts about free online advertising vouchers and got nothing but slow support, lots of server downtime and people unwilling to upgrade their servers to the latest Microsoft tech - what a disaster! I have no idea how many sales I or my clients have lost down to server downtime. I am moving to again !!!'"
- J. Palmer

"Many thanks to you and all the folks at DiscountASP.NET for your help. You guys are the best. I thought this was going to be a major ordeal and it all got done in two days. Awesome"
- B. Castilho

"This morning I had an experience that galvanized every reason that I use DiscountASP.Net for hosting my two sites. I'm working on an enterprise intranet application that makes heavy use of a jQuery grid which I've been struggling to integrate. It became clear to me that the only way I was going to get good assistance from the grid's creator and other experts was if I had an actual version of the application available on the web. Being that this is an ASP.NET MVC 4 application running against SQL Server 2008 R2, I expected that deploying this to my DiscountASP.NET hosted company website would take several hours, if not days. I am very happy to report that this was not the case. Today, I was able to deploy this site in under an hour with no support calls, emails, or forum questions. Your tooling made it quite easy for me... I was so happy with this entire process that I just had to let you know. Thank you for doing such great work. It makes my job a lot easier. I've always evangelized for your services in the past, but today's experience is going to make me work for you even harder."
- A. Johnson

"I have to say, I have been nothing less than very impressed with your hosting service! I had used DiscountASP.NET a couple of years ago for a small e-commerce site, and back then it was solid, no complaints at all. Now I have a much larger game development project hosted with you, and I have been exploring a lot more of the features and ... wow you guys rock! I work as a full-time web developer, and deal with crappy shared hosting all the time. Everything I am used to configuring manually in IIS is freely available in your control panel (almost), it's all right there. I love it. Your welcome email is like the cherry on the cake - great customer service as well!"
- R. Criddle

"May I please express my thanks to you and your colleagues for your fast response and assistance. I have been a DiscountASP customer for quite a fewyears and have always found your customer support to be excellent. Thank you so much."
- N. Swales

"You guys are great. I will continue to use you with another domain I am putting up. Thank you for your great service in hosting my bands website."
- O. Amaro

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you personally for DiscountASP.NET's most generous support of the Sangamon Valley .NET User Group (SVNUG) through hosting of our website, database, and TFS. Having moved to your hosting services and used them for several weeks now, it is definitely a night and day difference compared to our previous host. It is so wonderful that you are able to offer this level of support for technical communities such as ours. You have been so tremendously helpful. Thank you and DiscountASP.NET again for your continued support of the Sangamon Valley .NET User Group."
- Sangamon Valley .NET User Group

"Thanks... the service there has been remarkable. I hosted a site a while back at one of your competitors and the difference is night and day."
- P. Berendsohn

"I really appreciate your consideration and attention. To tell the truth, I am more than completely satisfied with DiscountASP.NET. I've already made plans to extend web hosting through your services. Yes, there are many, many hosting companies, but DiscountASP.NET has more to offer than almost all of them. I was forced to cancel my account, because they could not provide for my database-linked website. DiscountASP.NET has become the best choice, among all of the hosting services I researched."
- J. James

"DiscountASP.NET has been really good to me over the years. I'm a senior application developer. I know how difficult it is to maintain and evolve hardware and software platforms. The dependability of your service has been outstanding. Your knowledge base and forums extremely helpful. I've never needed to call your help desk. I've always been able to help myself via the tools you've provided online. I've also been impressed with your drive to improve your system using the latest technologies."
- L. Harris

"Thank you for the great service! It is appreciated."
- D. Jeter

"Just wanted to say another year has flown by and another year of terrific service and support. It just works! Well done and thanks to everyone at DASP."
- Will

"Our transition moving to hosted TFS went very smoothly. We have not had any issues and are very happy with the service thus far. Thanks for providing this service for us. We are thrilled to not have to administer our local tfs anymore. "
- J. Keeley

"Thank you very much for your response. I got it working now. Thank you for your awesome support."
- A. Tadakaluru

"So far, so perfect. I've loved everything about your hosting to this point. While my web app is currently being rebuilt in full (which is why now was the choice for the web hosting migration) and I have only a temp site up right now, I was incredibly impressed with the ease your system allowed me to handle the migration. Thanks to your alternate url feature, I was able to complete the transition without a single minute of downtime on the live site. Unprecedented with my previous two web hosts since around 2000. Also have already taken advantage of Visual Studio's One-Click-Publish feature, as well as remote IIS management, both of which were huge factors in my decision to choose Both worked on the first try with no troubleshooting. I know what I'm doing and, for once, a web host knows exactly what they're doing. A perfect job and certainly it would be hard to find a reason to switch in the future. My only reason to consider a change at this point is when it comes time for self-hosting. Your service is the best I've ever found for my current need, and I wanted to let you guys know how much I love it."
- B. Ridenour

"I love DiscountASP.NET, when it comes to .NET hosting I have no doubt where to go. I have 3 Users groups hosted at DiscountASP as well as 2 business applications. Never ever we had a noticeable downtime and the service is always great. Thanks for offering the best .NET hosting on the planet."
- D. Nudelman

"By the way, let me tell you that I'm very impressed by and the features available. It's a .net developper's paradise."
- P. Jean

"Your service is pretty much awesome. In just a short time I was able to set up hosting, set up a SQL database, set up SSL and launch my website... I have never done this before and DiscountASP's process was super easy. I actually made my first sale on the website last night!"
- A. Cook

"First, I'd like to say I spent two weeks deciding on a provider that met my needs, going to all the review places and studying. What really pushed me over the line is the amount of developer community recognition you got. Review sites don't "get it" when it comes to developers. Sure, there are others I will probably have to migrate to when I end up getting high traffic, but I believe I will continue even then to maintain your site for low-bandwidth development. Second - silence here is actually a good thing (this time). Every time I've tried to do something that should be intuitive without reading ahead of time, your hosting system facilitated it and I didnt even have to troubleshoot. It "just worked." My first experience was that I was up and running in minutes. I had signed up mid week thinking I *might* be able to log in by the weekend. I have to say your auto setup stuff is top notch, and fast. I was done carving out a default front door DNS'ed in under an hour of credit card acceptance. Very nice. By the end of the weekend, I had managed to play around with every aspect of your environment and tweak all the things I will be using, including uploading various dev studio generated wizard tests just to see them work."
- CJ

"You know.. Discount.ASP.NET rocks! It was super, super easy to set up shop on your site. I really enjoyed using TFS as well. It made it so easy to collaborate with my friend who does all the front end work, and me who does all the code behind down to the database. I wouldn't go with another service provider. Thanks."
- S. Gyves

"We are in the middle of developing now and I would like to thank you again for [TFS hosting]. I've been working with a customized scrum template and it is a huge help for us... We can keep track, plan and manage and sync our project... In a form of feedback I would like to mention that your service is just fast and secure. At the moment of 'speaking' I am doing another project in VS with the usage of a subversion plugin to see the differences between those two and TFS is just way better in every aspect.. and your support is great. It is actually one of the best I've seen around."
- K. Kesteloot

"I signed up on Saturday last week and by Sunday evening was happily using TFS as I'm used to it. I'm a contract developer, and have only used TFS - but never set it up myself... As I worked through my problems your control panels and help were all good enough for me to get back on track, so well done to you all for providing a very practical service. Now, at long last, my personal development efforts have all the good things available to the professional shops, and I can sleep easier knowing my source exists in its entirety, with history, in another place. Good luck with this service, it is a long overdue facility and I'm sure will grow and grow for you."
- L. Franklin

"We LOVE Hosted TFS with DiscountASP.NET! We are developing our own client management system and I often work from home as well as the office, using VS2010. Previously, I had to constantly worry about changes to the source code on my home PC and work PC, and which was the latest. I had used VSS before but your hosted option is absolutely perfect for us. Well done! The support is excellent, and TFS works really well. It's very solid I have to say and have had no issues so far. I would HIGHLY recommend Hosted TFS for anyone considering making the jump."
- R. Fitzgerald

"I want to thank you and your team for all your help getting my Joomla! installation and it's components running. You and your team have been responsive, friendly, and helpful all along the way. Thanks again!"
- A. Emde

"After years as a GoDaddy customer I thought I’d move my personal site over here and see what it was like. I should have done it years ago – all of the frustrations I’ve had dealing with medium trust and other limitations at godaddy are not an issue here! I will be moving the rest of my sites and steering all future customers over here.... I've found no reason to call support, your knowledge base and active forum have provided all the info I've needed so far. I just develop on the side and I have always used ASP.NET and VS (since 2.0), so a hosting environment like yours that specializes in ASP.NET is clearly the way to go."
- S. Spencer

Reviews and Testimonials From 2010

December 2010

"I've used TFS before and your service is working great. Keep up the great work."
- D. Draper

November 2010

"I just wanted to say a HUGE word of thanks to [DiscountASP.NET] for helping me solve my issues with this site once and for all. I got it up and running and as usual, the DiscountASP.NET team is so awesome I can hardly believe it. People are NUTS for going to any other provider! Thanks SO much. Now I can have a good weekend, knowing I can continue to build this site and have no more deployment issues! I sure learned alot through the process!"
- MJ Parker

"Many thanks. I have some other sites in the pipeline and will go with you for hosting, I understand how important fast support is as used to work in support and support programming myself... Once again, thanks for providing a good service in a world of 'we are cheap and sh**' hosting services."
- J. Palmer

October 2010

"Awesome!! For what it's worth, I made a choice to switch from GoDaddy to DiscountASP.NET for this web site (my prior ones have been on GoDaddy) because I liked the way DiscountASP.NET supported .NET 4, etc. Now I'm also thrilled that your customer support is MUCH better than GoDaddy!!! It took me 5 days - seriously - to switch one of my domains on GoDaddy to a server that supported .NET 4. They had promised 3 days and I finally had to threaten to leave before they finished the change. So all my future domains will be with DiscountASP.NET and I'll recommend you to friends doing the same sort of thing! Thanks very much"
- B. Miner

September 2010

"As usual, you guys are a step ahead of everyone else and continue to do a killer job at hosting .net sites."
- B. Benwell

July 2010

"DiscountASP.NET has 5 Star Tech Support, even on Sunday mornings. Loving ASP.NET MVC 2."
- K. Shifflett

"DiscountASP.NET is Great. I am a programmer (part time) who loves DASP so far so good. Cheap, you got knowledgeable people in the forums, and for uber-tech questions you got Microsoft forums and Channel 9. What more do you want? It all depends on what you are comparing DASP to. For me, it was a guy who, though well meaning, was working as an IT guy in a big company and I thought I could tap his brain--trouble is, he did not know that much outside of installing office enterprise software like Office, Word, Outlook for employees. Trying to get him to help me publish a Silverlight application (which is simple to do) took weeks. Web services (which I've done here at DASP, with some difficulty but it worked out) were out of the question. Ditto publishing a SQL Server database. Here, it's no problem. And the cost? I forget the cost. It's roughly half of what I pay every month for one of my two cell phones that I don't even use that much. For an extra $10 you get SQL Server access. The cost of a couple of lunches every month. Call me a satisfied customer..."
- PJ

June 2010

"Just a simple feedback to say job well done with the new newsletter. A lot of interesting stuff, especially the new video section. Compliments to your videos, how I can do things better. New way of deployment in VS2010, I didn't know up till now, did it the old way!"
- E. Visser

"I would like to compliment your service. After 2 days I have been fully operational... Believe me this is a very pleaseant surprise as compared to other services."
- J. Boffa

"I would like to mention how useful your support is. I had an issue that I was unable to resolve and after emailing your support, I got a response in under 2 minutes containing enough information to resolve my problem. This, in contrast to GoDaddy, where they were not even familiar with ASP.NET, let alone MVC, is really appreciated. I will advise any business/developer I know to use DiscountASP. Thanks again."
- S. Russell

"Transferred Google Apps domain and setup MVC2 site. Happy so far."
- C. Deutsch

May 2010

"The Microsoft.ReportViewer.ProcessingObjectModel DLL is installed and working now. I can now run Visual Studio 2010 reports using the ReportViewer control in local mode. Thank you for your prompt attention to this. You guys are awesome. My users will be delighted."
- L. Laumann

April 2010

"Thanks so much for the great service. I just switched away from [another hosting provider] after some major issues and so far I'm very impressed with the quality of your services and your customer support. Look for many referrals from me in the future."
- C. Edmonson

"We are truly enjoying and thrilled with the flexibility and efficiency of your services, you are one of the best ever web-hosting services companies we ever registered to! so thank you again..."
- B. Ghaith

"I switched all our accounts over to DiscountASP.Net about 6 months ago and I have to say I couldn't be happier. Now with the new .NET 4 support it's even better and we're not even using .NET 4 yet but it's a great sense of comfort to know that you guys are already there and ready when we are. It's great to finally be with a 3rd party web host that you don't have to drag kicking and screaming into the latest releases of our chosen technology stack."
- R. Myers

"Wow. You guys are the best. I'm back. I left about 1.5 years ago and 5 webhosts later I have returned. I just spent less than 5 minutes on DiscountASP.NET accomplishing several things that took me more than 10 hours to do with another service I signed up for just two days ago. I was on their site for 2 days and that's all I needed to show me that 'molasses' control panels and 'mudbog' SQL connections were their main feature. In less than 5 minutes I have an ftp ready, a URL ready, and SQL connected via my MS SQL Management Studio Express. Quality tastes so sweet. Thanks."
- J. Howard

March 2010

"We attempted to host our website with two other hosting providers and wasted valuable time and effort. When we decided on DiscountAsp.Net all of our problems were immediately solved because your service just works.... DiscountASP.Net has exceeded my expectations... Perhaps it will help others to not make the same mistake of believing that the advertised hosting cost is the only price you will pay by going with a cheaper hosting provider. In the end, you always get what you pay for."
- K. Smith

"I use and have had zero issues in the year and a half I have been with them, check them out."
- M. Luttenberger

"i love, the most trustfull web hosting in the world..."
- O. Thinksomid

"I've been very happy with your service for several years now! Keep up the great work!!!"
- J. Cogswell

"DiscountASP.NET has been one of the most stable hosters for ASP.NET in the past years. I migrated my blog to their servers & it's just fine."
- K. Nayyeri

"DiscountASP.NET is great! After a year with DiscountASP.NET, I must say I’m very pleased by their service and I would recommend DiscountASP.NET to anyone who’s looking for a cheap, reliable, Microsoft only, web hosting.
  • First of all, they are reliable and have been out there for many years. I didn’t notice any downtime other than what they had planned.
  • They are always the first to provide the latest Microsoft technology (my production website runs on Windows 2008/.NET3.5 and DiscountASP has now started a Windows 2008/.NET4.0 sandbox).
  • I can control my web application though IIS7 Management Console, directly from my laptop.
  • I can use Cardspace to login to the control panel
  • They have plenty of modules I can use (URLRewrite for example)
  • They have SSL and private whois
  • "
    - N.B. Bachir

    "I’m going into my second year of using and have been very happy with the service. There are a lot of online tools to make administrating your site possible, plus they are big MS partners and are always up on the latest releases."
    - A. Kinney

    "I'm a current customer of yours. I just referred a client to you for their hosting needs. They just finished signing up and were very pleased with how easy it was to sign up and the fact that all the features they were looking for were so easy to select. Thanks for helping me look a little better to my client by confirming my choice for a referral."
    - N. Beatty

    "New Customer here: I love this company! I've used an IT guy in the states who was extremely unresponsive and ignorant, though he meant well. I've used a "mega" site hosting company, nationally known,... and they are not nearly as responsive nor knowledgeable as DiscountASP.NET. They largely were for hosting your business index.html page, that's it. I program and so far I am extremely pleased with this company. What a cut above the rest. Congratulations DiscountASP.NET! Cheap prices too. I'm almost wondering what the catch is? :-) You know the saying: done right, done fast or done cheap, pick two out of three. So far, it's 3/3 here. "
    - PJ #2

    "Your customer service has gone above and beyond many companies I have dealt with over the years. My hat off to you. You and your company have an A+ from my end. Thank you again for all your help,"
    - David from Texas

    "This is the best web hosting company in the world! Thanks! At Earthlink I would have had an answer in 2 days from some poor clueless person reading a script..."
    - PJ #1

    February 2010

    "Looking for affordable Windows web hosting for ASP.NET projects? We recommend We've been using for several recent projects and have been very impressed with their hosting service."
    - Info et Cetera

    "That's great advice thanks. I've done this now and everything is working really well, so many thanks again for your time and effort in explaining the options so well.."
    - D. Maynard

    "Just for the record, I submitted a ticket to It was handled quickly and the issue is resolved. My WCF service is working correctly. I must say, I'm pleased and impressed."
    - SapphireJim

    "My email is now working. Im so happy: ) Thank you for sticking it out with me until we got it running. Kudos!! (Clap Clap Clap!!) Happy Client."
    - R. Catalan

    "BTW you're support guys KICK ASS! awesome response time and service "
    - S. Harbar

    "You guys are as awesome as a box full of awesome stuff! When I screw something up you swoop in and patch it all back together! Thanks. I greatly appreciate your help."
    - W Edwards

    "After 2 weeks of hemorrhoids with with WH4L decided to give you a try, black-and-white. Since the beginning had problems with them, filed 4 tickets on first day, and then 1-2 tickets every day after that. With your service I didn't have to file even one - all the config I need is available on CP, everything is straightforward. Service faster and reliable. keep up good work."
    - RG

    "Thank you so much for all your help! This forum and it's users are A+++"
    - lelady

    "Just wanted to thank the amazing support team DiscountASP.NET has. And promptly, my request was fulfilled. Cheers!"
    - A. Cruz

    January 2010

    Even customers who left DiscountASP.NET are considering coming back.... "Currently I am with another hosting. The reason was that I wanted to try PHP with lots of videos...etc, To be honest, the time I was with I received excellent service. Service and support is great. Truth be told I am thinking of returning."
    - R. Belliard

    See DiscountASP.NET Reviews and Testimonials From:
    2010-16 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007
    2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003

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