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The following reviews and testimonials and quotes are real comments provided by real customers and partners.

"Grand Slam" Award Winner: As a first in the history of webhosting, DiscountASP.NET won four prestigious awards from three leading ASP.NET technology publications in 2005! (Read More)

"Since 2.0 is Beta, very few companies have dared to make it available for hosting. This leaves us developers in the position of being able to create applications in it, but not able to host them and expose them to the real world. DiscountASP.NET, however, has gone against the norm and has accounts available so that you can publish your ASP.NET 2.0 applications today. This is huge!!! If you are a consultant that wants stay ahead of the curve and publish your 2.0 applications, you will definitely want to check them out."
- D. Silverlight, Microsoft MVP - XML

"I have used DiscountASP.NET for projects that required external web hosting. In my personal experience, I've found DiscountASP.NET server response rates to be quite good. Plus, whenever I had a question, the customer service representatives were very responsive. All in all, it has been a great experience. "
- R. Morris, co-founder of

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Reviews and Testimonials From 2005

December 2005

"My first experience with a Web hoster has been GREAT. I made the right choice going with DiscountASP.NET."
- Albanello

"Prior to running [my current company] I was VP of Marketing at three silicon valley companies and valued customer feedback. So here is some feedback for you that I hope will be helpful. We purchase about 50 domain names per year from GoDaddy ... We prefer to host at DiscountASP.NET and always recommend to our customers that they also host at DiscountASP.NET. GoDaddy asked me why we did this ... My reply to GoDaddy was that ... DiscountASP.NET was for the more technical. They are not as knowledgeable as the support at DiscountASP.NET..."
- R. Hatton

"If you would have been in front of me, I would have kiss you !!!! I've been trying to install these starter kits many times, without success ... Your solution works perfect! Thank you."
- F. Agnes

"By the way, you guys rock!"
- L. Dumond

"Well, I've just been registered for the last few weeks with DiscountASP.NET and so far I can say I've enjoyed the experience for the following reasons: 1. Excellent service at a fair price. 2. Quick and effective response from Tech Support. 3. Patience was shown consistantly and a generally good, productive ambiance in forums. 4. Fast implementation of newest technology while still being careful not to be over-enthusiastic. Kudos to all the staff and keep up the good work! I've already started recommending you to my friends and other clients. Cheers!"
- M. Voyer

"This is great news.... you guys provide an amazing service at such a great price. Keep it up!!"
- D. Arbuthnot

"Thank you for such a quick response!"
- D. Thomas

November 2005

"Thank you very much for your help. I just wanted to say that I'm very happy with the terrific prompt service that your company provides. Thanks for doing such a great job!"
- J. Munger

"I've just migrated my app from the [ASP.NET 2.0 Beta 2] sandbox to the live [ASP.NET 2.0] environment and the whole operation was relatively painless. Next Thursday, I'm attending the offical launch of ASP.NET 2.0 over here in Ireland with my first app already live. Nothing like being ahead of the game, Thanks,"
- D. Brennan

"Thank you very much for distributing such an incredible service! I have been subscribed with you since one week and I find the service incredible."
- B. Lambert

"You guys have the best support ever!!! I appreciate your help and follow up. As always a fantastic job on your support and communication!"
- S. Tularak

"Terriffic service! Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. Many companies could learn from you."
- M. Wonacott

"Thanks for a great service."
- F. Smith

October 2005

"... all I did was FTP my current site up to my new one and then re-point DNS via EasyDNS where [my domain] is parked. The transition was painless and the response from the site is certainly much improved. The administration console provided by DiscountASP.NET is pretty darned good and I have done this whole transition without having to talk to a human being. Not bad."
- D. Starr

"Thank you so much for increasing the bandwidth and the storage capacity. This is a great help for our church website as well as the others I host with you guys. I am so glad I made the switch about a year ago. Choosing DiscountASP.NET was the best web hsting decision I could've ever made. Thanks for all you do and again thanks for being the best web hsoting company on the web."
- C. Hines

"I host couple of sites with you. I just LOVE your services. I think you are the best web hostng company ever. I actually use my control panels more then I spend time with my girlfriend :) Kind regards and keep up the excellent work !!"
- K. Emin

"I absolutely appreciate the degree of stability and robustness DiscountASP.NET offers."
- N. Muneshwar

"Thanks for your usual quick response."
- R.

"So much better then Goda... you know who. I am more than pleased. Quick set up, fast servers, full function SQL Admin Panel (not the slimmed down junk others offer), and the list goes on. Thank you!! And keep it up."
- P. Chasse

"You guys rock. Just so you know.. I've started building small business sites for e-commerce and other customers on a regular basis. I use your web hostin/database site exclusively. I tell everyone how your site hositng is easy, affordable and on the absolute top of the technical field. I've been a microsoft software developer for almost 10 years and your site has made it easy and practical for me to develop website applications and e-commerce applications for my customers. Your site really is like finding a diamond in the street. The other companies out there don't compare very well against what you offer. I have transferred databases and full sites from my home office and corporate workplace to a new site on DiscountASP.NET. It literally takes me a few minutes to set things up and working. This means that I'm not intimidated at all when it comes to taking on new customers and projects."
- M. Tennenhouse

"I am impressed! We made the right choice. Your service is great, value-priced, full-featured and getting started with an ASP.Net Database application was simple beyond hopes. I like the KB articles (especially the hints in the appropriate areas). So far, no need to sift hundreds of FAQs, Blogs or seventy gazillion KB articles. Seems you guys listened to the customer and tweaked information and site organization to help us succeed quickly. Thanks for meeting all the expectations set in your [marketing] web site. DiscountASP.NET present a fine example of truth in advertising."
- W. Sully

"After months of Hell driving through 3 different ASP hosts, slow, off and tons of errors and sites down, it seems we finally found the fastest most reliable ASP host. Tech support is FAST and GOOD, .... Try them and you wont be disappointed... we are on with them for 30 days and all is cool and great so far."
- J. Daxter

"I would also like to commend you on an excellent web hoting control panel. After dealing with several hosts, ranging from small to huge, I can say I have not seen a hosting control panel as extensive as yours."
- S. Engelman

"That has to be the quickest set-up I have ever seen... fabulous service... thank you... I never expected to be able to put a site live within an hour of registering a new domain! :-) I knew I was making the right choice in switching all of my clients accounts over (eventually) to you guys. Thanks again"
- J. McSwiney

"Your revamped Usage Summary/Manager is soooooo much better than the old one. Instead of going back and forth with tech support, we can now manage our own web space. Nice job DiscountASP.NET!!"
- D. Pizzari

"Thank you. The speed, accuracy, and thoroughness of support is, as always, superior."
- C. Puglisi

"You guys are quick and awesome. Thank you!"
- S. Dharanipragada

September 2005

"You guys are the best!! I always recommend you to as many people as I can. Your support is the best I have ever worked with and I've work with large companies on a daily basis, such as IBM, Cybersource, Vignette and they can't even come close to your company's great support. Thanks again!"
- S. Tularak

"I develop computer systems, all of them works over Internet, I was tired of changing from one to another web hsting provider - until I found DiscountASP.NET. All that you need to run your systems great is found on DiscountASP.NET!! And thanks for your great support guys!!! Each time I require a service from you, you always respond quick, efficiently and with an excellent customer support. For some reason (I know why) you are the BEST HOSTING COMPANY OF THE WORLD! Best regards!"
- O. Ramos

"I just wanted to say thank you for your latest innovation, the master control panel. Great work. Makes my life easier!! When I was looking for a site ...I was looking for ASP.NET support, good tech support, reliable service and all at a reasonable price. I went with DiscountASP.NET for my own small personal site to 'try you out' and see if you were as good as your reviews.... When I launched my small business site I decided to also put it onto DiscountASP.NET... I now have 4 hosting sites on DiscountASP.NET and I will probably have more. What has appealed to me most over the last 10 months is how you regularly ask for feedback on what features would be useful, and then you actually implement them!! So rare for service providers nowadays. I am also very pleased that your support guys provide professional and knowledgeable support when I need it. Also rare nowadays. I hope you get lots more new clients and can provide ever improving services for people like myself!!"
- P. Nolan

"You are the best. I have be building web sites and dealing with providers since 1986 and I have never had such and effortless experience coming to DiscountASP.NET. Our site has special needs, we use sub domains, redirects and a SQL db. Setting up the site and adding the options were easy. Actually your control panel is great. This was the first time I completely set up this site and I NEVER needed to contact Customer Support for help with something. My users didn't even know the site moved. I am looking forward to years of working with you. But I feel the only time you will ever hear from me is to shout your praises. Great Job"
- S. Wright

"I just finished moving my site to DiscountASP.NET. Everything worked like a dream, even though I am using some advanced capababilities (WSE 2.0, graphics streaming, auto e-mail, etc.). You responded very quickly to the two special requests that I had. Your control panel works great, and your servers are faster than my last hoster. Thanks!"
- B. Hart

"Master login... Brilliant... Well done and thanks."
- S. Leslie

"I just signed-up and as a 10 year customer of web hostin, I can say I'm very impressed with your control panel."
- M. A. Smith

"Thanks. Your support is much better than the hosting company we are currently using for our other domains."
- C. Benton

"Thank you so much! I just want to say how pleasantly surprised I am of the excellent service you provide. Thanks again!"
- I. Cohen

"Thanks. You guys are always on the money and quick to answer. Keep it up."
- J. Venn

"Thanks! You guys do a great job!"
- D. Miller

"You people are fabulous."
- A. Kushin

"Great! You guys are really wonderful to deal with. You run across so many different types of business owners and associates being the owner of a small business but you guys are always so helpful and pleasant!"
- J. Carberry

August 2005

"Thank you very much. Your support staff is always responsive, reliable, and anticipating needs of the developer. I appreciate your work."
- S. Quinn

"I've been a web developer since the early 90's and used a lot of different web hoting companies. I found [DiscountASP.NET] quite by accident about a year ago... being unhappy with one I was hosting a few small accounts with, I put a site for a new client on DiscountASP.NET. I was impressed! As time goes on I've been moving all my sites to DiscountASP.NET. Still have a few more to go but you'll get them.... Thanks for your help and a great service!"
- F. Smith

"Thanks so much for the help and the UNBELIEVABLY quick response. This is by far the best tech support I have ever received. Thanks you once again for helping to resolve my issues so quickly."
- T. Sherfy

"It works great now... thank you soooo much for all your help and quick responses. Thanks"
- D. Piper

"Thank you. I'll always recommend your web hositng service to my friends and coworkers!"
- A. Goldman

"It's been a year that I have hosted my site on your servers. Recently, I developed a website for a client of mine and they opted for the cheaper option. After dealing with a rather inferior client interface and dreadfull client support we still haven't got the site online and working properly. So this is just a quick 10/10 email to say how great it has been dealing with such a professional outfit such as DiscountASP.NET."
- C. Vosloo

"I use [DiscountASP.NET] to host a community starter kit for our homeowners association. It has NEVER,EVER crashed or been unavailable in the 1.5 years its been up. They do so much free stuff for you it's insane: free controls, free 2.0 test accounts, free setup and installation of CSK. And they've put up with my noob questions. [DiscountASP.NET] just rocks. Period."
- J. Brown

"Thanks a lot again for the very fast reply! Your service is great and I like your web hosting since the first use! The configuration is great automated and easy. You are doing a very good job."
- A. Flaum

"Great web hsoting site. I'm really enjoying working on DiscountASP.NET!"
- N. Michaels

"You guys are the most personal hosting company I've ever used.... Must tell you guys, I love how fast everything works with you. I've had my sites hosted at tons of places and never have I gotten such a quick response like I always do with you guys... I've already talked to 2 of my friends and they should be both on their way to sign up with you guys."
- O. Thorarensen

"I have been meaning to send you a message about the improvements in your service and the web-site that you have recently made. The service has always been outstanding and it continues to maintain a high level of accuracy and promptness! For the Microsoft SQL Server service you have made great strides with these items: The ability to obtain additional databases; Additional user accounts per database; And, when using the SQL tools only the client's databases are displayed. My compliments to the teams that have worked on these and the many other improvements to the site."
- J. LaCombe

July 2005

"Thank You! It works great!!! Your support is awesome! ... I really do appreciate the quick response and solutions you have provided."
- L. Burlingame

"Thanks, I rewrote the code and it works now... you guy's are amazing. I usually wait 2 days for a reply from tech support from other companies... keep up the great services..."
- K. Ramsey

"I just canceled with a different hosting service because I could never get support. It took two days for my account to be activated when I originally signed up...Should have known. I got support today in about 20 minutes from DiscountASP.NET, while not even being a customer. This led me to set up an account which was active in less than 5 minutes. Thank you."
- P. Richardson

"Just wanted to say, while I happen to be doing housekeeping on my site, that I really appreciate how well you guys do your jobs. I've been through several providers in the five years I've had a site, and you guys elegantly outclass 'em. It strikes me that you guys probably really enjoy working for your company, as I do mine. Your website: stuff just works. Everything is clean-looking and functional. The functionality inspires confidence. The confidence leads me to talk you up with people looking to switch providers. I'm really happy to be your customer."
- S. Spangenberg

"Good customer service and your system works great. I have tried many other web hosting sites, and yours has been a great pleasure."
- R. St.Louis

"Tech Support saved my tail yesterday. I will be purchasing an additional site from you guys next week (If not sooner)."
- S. Blosser

"I am all set. Thank you so much! Your service is really great. I wish your business a great success! Keep good work."
- W. Dong

"Wow. Your service is exceptional. Quick easy and fast!"
- M. S. Goldfarb

June 2005

"Congrats on the award! I love your service, and I am very happy to be a DiscountASP.NET customer! Thanks again!"
- A. Miller

"Just wanted to say thank you. I've only been with you for less than a week, previously with Interland (Innerhost before that) but your support and service has been incredible. Very quick turnaround for support problems, I feel like your team are actually reading my emails and I'm getting the answers I want first time round (Interland would take up to 5 round trips). The knowledge base is JUST what I want. Simple straight answers. The control panel is brilliant, it is so easy to navigate and I have all the answers at hand. The web site transferred without any problems, the website has been up all the time and it also seems a lot faster than Interland. Everything works, it has been very smooth. I am extremely impressed. Thank you"
- R. England

"Thank you! I like the speed of your service!"
- C. McGraw

"I am constantly amazed at the support I receive from DiscountASP.NET and am wondering if there is any way I can help the company gain recognition? I already have recommended your services to many different friends, and I believe a few have signed up. Once again, thank you very much for dealing with my inquires in the most quick, professional way possible."
- N. Reed

"I am a web developer. I have been using your service for 2 years, and I just want to say 'Thanks for your perfect service.' I have now 7 sites hosting with you, and everything works perfectly. Now I just finished setting up connectiong to SQL Server 2000 using Enterprise Manager, and that is perfect. OK, I just want to say Thanks! and continue with your great work!"
- M. Paz

"First of all I want to thank you again for the excellent support you are providing and for fast responses you do. It is very nice to know that there is a person who can tackle all the problems I'm creating. You are doing great job!!!"
- S.

"Thank you for you courteous and professional consideration in this matter. It is this type of attitude that distinguishes DiscountASP.NET from other web hoting solutions. I will initiate the process as you have suggested. Thank you again..."
- S. Shepherd

"I've had almost nothing but good experiences with DiscountASP.NET. Great customer support, fantastic hosting product."
- A. Lupo

"DiscountASP.NET is a .NET host that I recommend. The advanced features that they offer and their knowledgable tech support (i.e. knowledgable in ASP.NET, not just hosting) makes them, in my opinion, one of the premier .NET hosts out there today."
- iration

"Wow!!! How is that for support! You got it exactly right. Thank you so much!"
- J. Schneider

"Thanks to everyone for all your patience and perseverance trying to fix my ... problem. It is now working fine! ... You have been extremely helpful, it's been a pleasure to work with you! Thanks!"
- G. Martinez

"One reason we like your service is because we can run the ASP.NET portal called "DotNetNuke". For the version we have, it installed on your system in less than 30 seconds. I personally have two accounts with you, and I am working for a startup, which is the third account. I moved them over from Verio because we could not get the portal to run on their system. Keep up the good work. And nice new bandwidth graphs! This is something I had suggested. Your team is great!"
- T. Sweet

"thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, ... I love your service!"
- P. Brown

"Thanks again for your help, especially considering your continued assistance is outside of your remit. Yet another gold star for DiscountASP.NET, you continually exceed expectations and far outshine your competitors."
- R. Williams

"Brilliant! Thank you so much!! I'm very impressed that you followed this up and even contacted me direct to let me know about it - I'll berecommending you to my colleagues."
- N. Staudt

May 2005

"Hey I just wanted to drop a line and tell you what a wonderful service you provide. I previously used to bounce from hoster to hoster every 6 months because they would change their prices or services or both. I've been with ya'll now for a year and a half now and your are giving me more for the same price. I could not be happier with your hosting."
- S. D. King

"I thought it was interesting that DiscountASP.NET received best hosting honors [in asp.netPRO magazine 2005 Readers Choice Award]. I've been using these guys for over a year now and I've been very happy with their service."
- S. Hebert

"Well once again you have come through. I cannot stress enough how helpful you are and how fast this was resolved. Thank you again."
- D. Ollar

"Thanks for the excellent info. This is what I love about DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Jordan

"I just wanted to let you know that I have once again signed up as a DiscountASP.NET customer. I originally cancelled my account during a consolidation of my web hostng accounts. My business has of late shown a requirement for technology. I immediately thought of your company and the stellar service I received in the past."
- M. Nunnikhoven

"I have just started, transfered my domain, ftp-ed first site, now am opening email accounts and couple of forwards as I write this. I am a hard-to-please kind of guy, always watching out for the stuff to complain about. Given the low price point, lowest I could find for about a week of research time, for the requirements list that includes ASP, ASP.NET and Access database, I was expecting you to become an easy prey. So far, however, I have nothing to complain about. Frustrating, but true. Keep up good work, gentlemen."
- M. Kariv

"Lot's of tools, Great KB, Fast Customer Service and Support. Initial setup was a breeze. The online KB is excellent and contains a lot of very good information with sample code. Customer Service and Support is Fast and Reliable. One thing I noticed immediately was the stability and speed of the server my site is on. Leaps and bounds above my prior ISP."
- S. Blosser

"I just changed my site over to .NET and hosting it with DiscountASP.NET and so far you products/services are exceptional. It's nice that when you buy something, it doesn't disappoint you. Your professionalism and quality are rare and appreciated. Thank you."
- K. Evers

"I'm trying not to be cheesy here, but your support team has been responsive to all of my questions for the past 8-9 months (as long as I have been registered with DiscountASP.NET). I really appreciate your hard work and am glad that I chose DiscountASP.NET as my provider."
- J. Lavender

"DiscountASP.NET has a huge range of features for ASP and .NET developers, yet their service has been very reliable and their support has been helpful. And their pricing is extremely affordable! My site was on three hosts prior to them, and I'm so glad I found them. It's hard to get more bang for your buck than with DiscountASP.NET."
- anonymous post

"Thank you for increasing the bandwidth, storage capacity and MSSQL Server storage! You guys ROCK! I am so pleased I chose you all to take care of my hosting needs. Keep up the great work!"
- C. Hines

April 2005

"We had such headaches deploying Crystal Reports and were happily surprised to see that you were ALSO hosting Microsoft Reporting Services which ties in nicely with SQL Server! Now we really have all the tools we need to build serious enterprise applications for our clients. And at your pricing, it would be hard to justify running our own servers, with all the hardware, software, bandwidth, backup, and maintenance costs. Good work! It's refreshing to see a forward-thinking company doing all the right things. We can focus on the code, you can focus on the hosting -- It's outsourcing at its best!"
- N. Michaels (Testimonial #2)

"This is an absolutely incredible service that you are providing!! We are going to completely rebuild our website on the ASP.NET 2.0 framework, and as I anxiously await my copy of VS2005 Beta 2 I was also nervously drumming my fingers wondering if and how Discount ASP.NET was going to incorporate this framework into its servers on the GoLive Beta. Much to my absolute delight you have (as usual) gone above and beyond the call of duty in addressing this issue well ahead of my needs. You have continued to solidify [me] as a loyal customer. Thanks DiscountASP.NET!!!!"
- T. Stevens

"DiscountASP.NET has a huge range of features for ASP and .NET developers, yet their service has been very reliable and their support has been helpful. And their pricing is extremely affordable! My site was on three hosts prior to them, and I'm so glad I found them. It's hard to get more bang for your buck than with DiscountASP.NET."
- anonymous

"WOW! I was a little worried about building any serious app with the previous limits, but these new limits are just Perfect!!! I can build my app and don't have to go elsewhere. What can I say, you guys just ROCK!! and also a big thanks for the free ASP.NET 2.0 Beta 2 test account ...we REALLY needed that too!"
- N. Michaels (Testimonial #1)

"This email is to congratulate and thank you for your cooperation, and your prompt service; outside of your regular business hours. I look forward to further great service over the next 12 months and beyond. Many thanks again. Best regards."
- N. C. Nightingale

"I have used about 6 or 7 different ISPs for my personal, business and client's sites. DiscountASP.NET is the best. I feel you listen to your customers (like me!). I asked for more SQL Server disk space and you doubled it. I also appreciate the increase in web disk space and bandwidth. I will be moving two more domains to DiscountASP.NET over the next couple weeks."
- T. Antonucci

In response to the ASP.NET 2.0 Beta Hosting program launch: "Just Amazing! You guys are making a wonderful job there. That is why I decided to be your customer. Congrats"
- L. Suarez

"Thank you very much for your persistent support and reminding me that I need to keep my hosting with you. Thanks again for your tireless effort and helping me validate my boasts that your company is the best thing since sliced cheese! Cheers!!!"
- J. Nelson

"Over the past year I have tried a number of companies providing ASP.NET hosting, and have experienced so-so service. After reading some very good reviews about DiscountASP.NET, I decided to try them and so far have not looked back. Their turnaround - from the initial setup of my account, to setting up additional components, to answering questions - has been flawless and superquick to date. How refreshing to deal with a company who builds its solid reputation on good old fashioned customer service. The list of features you get for your money is very long. Server speed has been extremely fast and reliable. Account menu and configurations area is extremely easy to use - ordering additional components very simple process. Pricing is extremely competitive for those on tight budgets or who have a large qantity of sites to host."
- James G.

"Once again, you guys have come through for me. Please commend [your team on their] great attention to your forum and his quick and accurate responses. Your service has helped my small business get started. We just sold our services to our first large customer, mostly due to the web application I developed on DiscountASP.NET. Thanks!"
- A. Ibarguen

"Based on my experience to date, DiscountASP.NET is a company that has built its reputation on providing impeccable customer service, and technical support that has worked hard to resolve issues within minutes. In this day and age of companies shying away from such service, it is wonderful to see DiscountASP.NET leading by example. Many thanks to all for their generous assistance to date, and I can assure you of passing on the good word to my fellow colleagues."
- J. Goris

"Again I am impressed with your quick response and outstanding customer service. Keep up the great work!"
- B. Finley

"Thank your very much. I must say how delighted and impressed I am with the quality and speed of support you provide!"
- C. Gamsu

March 2005

"I am writing to tell you that in the midst of what is easily our most intense time of year from a usage standpoint, DiscountASP.NET has weathered us very well. We are a state high school athletic association, and right now we are in the midst of our state high school basketball championships. A whole lot of interested folks are coming to our site to find out scores, statistics and updates, and if they can't get to what they want I hear about it. In the six years I have endured this time frame this is easily the smoothest tournament time I've enjoyed. Thanks so much for great service and support. It's a relief knowing that I don't have to worry about our service during our crunch time."
- T. Stevens

" I have used DiscountASP.NET for about a year now and I have found their services reliable and reasonably priced. I spent some time researching the alternatives before choosing them for my web art gallery which has been online for over 10 years. In particular the email support provided has been excellent with prompt replies and the ability to exchange ongoing emails with the person providing the support. They go out of their way to help you even when the problem is not theirs.."
- J. Holton

"I am very impressed with the speedy setup of my SQL DB and with the online admin software you provide. I was able to easily and quickly create and populate a table etc. I'll be looking to get Enterprise Manager and Query Analyser at some point, but the tools you provide are excellent. So, thanks for the excellent service :-)"
- L. Mooch

"I would like to say that I have 2 accounts with your company and could not be more satisfied. Sure there are cheaper routes to follow, but they don't offer a third of the third party controls you offer for free to your customers. I could not be more satisfied."
- D. Keating

"Thanks so much again. Your customer support and service is impeccable. I've never had a problem or question that you didn't solve immediately. Regards."
- A. Ibarguen

February 2005

"Thank you - I am extremely impressed with your service."
- M. Briggs

"As I stated in an earlier correspondence, your [support] and the sales teams have been the most responsive groups that I have worked with in a lonnnnnnng time. Keep up the fine work."
- J. LaCombe

"I wanted a host with a commitment to ASP and ASP.NET. I analyzed many hosts and determined that DiscountASP.NET provided one of the best values available. I manage three different accounts with them and have been impressed with the performance. Every ASP or ASP.NET application I have installed has worked extremely well. I have needed very little support, but the few questions I have had were answered promptly and with good attention to detail."
- Scott H.

"Your help is great. My problem was solved under your excellent job. Please accept my appreciation of your service. Thank you so much. My best regards to all of you."
- X. Zhang

"Thank you so very much for taking care of that. You continue to amaze me with you professionalism and timely tech support. You have always taken care of me and my clients and I am very grateful. Keep up the great work!"
- J. Cochran

"I'm quite impressed with your speed of response to our organization's inquiries and change orders. At this time our executive team is considering moving most (if not all) of our clients' websites to your service."
- Wilfred

January 2005

"It is easy for hosting companies to post a page of "features" with impressive stats or a low price, but what really matters is if they can back it up with service and support, and DiscountASP.NET does exactly that. They have amazing support, amazing attention to detail and are constantly striving to make their service and their offerings better."
- Anonymous from Ann Arbor, MI, USA

"DiscountASP.NET Rocks! I know that generally people will write only to complain so I thought I would drop a note to say how pleased I am. So, as I get ready to renew for another year I say thanks for a job well done. P.S. I am also an MCSE 2000 and I love your UI "
- B. Foland

"That worked!! Thanks so much for the solution in such a short period of time (and on the weekend, no less). Have a good one."
- J. Jones

"Thanks for the help and please keep up the great support with such a quick response time."
- B. Lanter

"Thanks!! You have saved my life :) Excelent service and quick response... This is a 10 for you!"
- O. Ramos

"This is ridiculous... at how EASY it was to migrate my site!!! I can't believe it. I followed your KB article to the tee and everything went off without a hitch. Migrating about 18MB of data took no time and the site seems to work perfectly as it was originally set up on another hosting provider. You guys are also priced PERFECTLY, and much more competitive than your competition. Heck, most of them didn't know what CSK was... But you guys installed it within about an hour of me signing up. Unbelievable. You have no idea how happy this makes me as a new customer. Keep up the good work."
- S. Kaplan

"Just wanted to drop a line and say THANKS... this is THE BEST hosting service I've tried, and I've tried many. The speed, the INSTANT setup, and the control panel that gives me full control is by FAR the best I've worked with. Thanks Thanks Thanks!"
- C. Kirk

"Thanks again for your prompt and accurate response. You guys rock!"
- S. Bennington

"The best host I have come across. The have all the features you can think of for a nominal monthly price and tons of addons. The support is very good.... I am very happy hosting with them."
- Prashant

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