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The following testimonials and reviews are real comments provided by real customers and partners. hosting review webhost magazine buyers guide - hosting Review Date: 12/2006
Verdict: Few Web Hosts can compete with DiscountASP.NET's list of features. Fewer still can compete with their pricing. If you are looking for a host who delivers the goods for ASP.NET, check out DiscountASP.NET.

As a first in the history of webhosting, DiscountASP.NET won both "Product of the Year" and "Best ASP.NET Hosting Service" awards from asp.netPRO Magazine's Readers' Choice poll for Two Consecutive Years! (Read More)

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Reviews and Testimonials From 2006

December 2006

"First off, thanks for creating the web service. Things like this are why I keep my hosting with you guys!"
- Will

"Just wanted to say - I am really impressed with your level of support and the support personnel's familiarity with the website tools. I am convinced that's a primary reason for the popularity of DiscountASP.NET site... I worked for Microsoft for 14 years and know the importance of this. And I have seen more support orgs and evaluated them then I care - so I know a good one when I see it. And you guys are one of the really good ones."
- R. Nath

"You are by far the best host I have ever used and I’ve used a lot! :)"
- Georgio

"I posted a helpdesk ticket and the problem was resolved within 15 minutes. I'll recommend DiscountASP.NET to anyone who asks."
- S. Huskey

"I'm just sending you this e-mail, because last Friday I've changed my hosting services to DiscountASP.NET, and until now I'm really satisfied with the whole service, that's really an excellent service and company. Thank you very much."
- R. T. H. Barini

"To help with your decision making I have learned a great deal from hosting my sites at DiscountASP.NET. I started off hardly knowing anything and I have learned a great deal in a little amount of time. They have a very easy to use Knowledge Base, very responsive and helpful support team, and a great forum to help you get started."
- J. Lavender

Novebmer 2006

"You Guys Rock! Now that is what I call tech support. Night before Thanksgiving and you resolve a fairly prickly issue in fantastic time. Thanks for the outstanding support response. Happy Thanksgiving!"
- J. Kelly

"I'm a new customer to DiscountASP.NET and wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased, especially with the "Web Application Tool" which lets me drop ASP.NET 2.0 applications into subdirectories! That's a fantastic tool and I love how easy it is to organize my separate apps this way. You wouldn't think this would be such a big deal -- but other hosting companies make it much more difficult. Kudos to DiscountASP.NET!"
- M. Markham

"I signed up for DiscountASP.NET earlier today and everything works flawlessly. I hope this might be useful to anyone else facing the "partially trusted callers" issue on a different shared hosting provider."
- J. Harrison

"I have been with you since 2003 and could not be happier with the support I have received and the hosting options you provide."
- N. Horton

"For ASP.NET/Windows hosting, I would strongly recommend DiscountASP.NET they only offer ASP.NET/Windows hosting."
- iration

"I am new to DiscountASP.NET. I am still learning ASP.NET. But I do enjoy your slick tricks that you post [in the community forum]. They are a great source of learning. It sure does bring customer service to higher level."
- G. Bourque

"Thanks for your service. Your hosting service is the best ASP.NET hosting I have ever seen for the money, and would highly recommend it to anybody."
- R. Hayland

"Just wanted to say that I think you guys did a great job coming up with an easy to use website. I first tried to use ASP.NET + SQL 2005 hosting at another big provider and to be honest, their whole administration thingie just sucked. Everything you did would take 15 minutes or longer to be processed in the background, options regarding security settings were minimal, and what I found out after wasting almost a whole day was that they don't even support SQL 2005. It took me about a fourth of the time actually getting my stuff running on your website."
- C. Wienands

"Thanks for your service. Your hosting service is the best ASP.NET hosting I have ever seen for the money, and would highly recommend it to anybody."
- R. Hayland

"Have to say I am impressed by what I have seen so far."
- J. Kav

"Thank you for being so helpful, I have learned a lot from you and really do appreciate your quality support."
- I. Hinley

"Thanks for the quick response. Another example of what makes you guys the winner!"
- S. Engelman

October 2006

"Thank you for a swift response and the follow-up support."
- T. Hauksson

"I use DiscountASP.NET for all of my client web sites and have often recommended it to other small business owners. The service you provide, from uptime to response to requests, is always impeccable. It takes a huge burden off of me as far as hosting, backup, and security. Thanks for your great service - I think this makes the 13th (not unlucky) site I have with DASP and will be hopefully adding two more client sites soon..."
- A. Ibarguen

"Sorry for bothering you again but I must say this. I'm really impress with the speed that you return my emails and the level of support. Thanks a lot and GOOD JOB!!!!! :)"
- E. Viegas

"We are very happy with [our domain's] setup! You all are GREAT!"
- C. Kuhnert

"Thank you! ... as usual you guys surprise me. That is why I love using your hosting and continue to do so."
- J. Brock

"WOW. What an amazing experience. Finally a hosting company that lives up to the hype. Pinch me, am I dreaming."
- T. Gilbert

"P.S. Your hosting services rock. I switched over recently from a different company and I have been very happy with DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Calcinari

September 2006

"First of all, excellent control panel. Well designed, thought out and thorough."
- D.

"I am very happy with DiscountASP.NET and the service you offer. Service is excellent, I have 3 accounts with you guys and am very happy with the service, your tech support / customer service is almost immediate, it's very affordable and you have a wide variety of components / add ons available, which leads me to believe you have a team of people with an active interest in tomorrow's technology, you are ahead of the game, and provide a very high level of service that I haven't seen elsewhere, the last person I communicated with was very helpful and brought service to a human level not the typical "business" make a buck level. Job well done."
- J. Kelly

"Your company is the best hosting service I have ever used. More than that - it is excellent."
- M. Sam

"You are awesome... my hearty congratulations to you guys... I will any time prefer DiscountASP.NET to any provider... This web site uses Asp.Net and Atlas with excellent functionality and good hits. I am overwhelmed by your service"
- K. Mohan

"Thank you for your great no-hassle service. You guys are great!"
- M. Fleischner

"Thx. You guys are an awesome host. Never have I had such fast and detailed response from tech support. As soon as I'm able, I'm going to put up a fabulous review on you guys on my website. Thanks again for all the time you've given me."
- A. Hunter

"I have been pleased with the uptime, the customer service, and the third party software service offerings have been improving over the past couple years. Thanks I love you guys... keep up the good work!!!"
- R. McKenzie

"As always, customer support at DiscountASP.NET is beyond expectations."
- D. Grill

"Again thanks for your continued support you guys are awesome!."
- S. Tularak

August 2006

"Again, thanks for the help. Support here is awesome compared to my prior hosting companies."
- casefiler

"Thank you so much and thank you for several years of excellent quality of hosting service."
- M. Cadek

"I have been with your service for less then a day and I couldn't be happier. I had so many problems with my application with my other hoster that I could swear I was losing hair. Ever since I switched to your service everything is running smoothly. Thank you so much. If anyone asks me where to go for hosting, you guys are on the top of my list."
- J. Standish

"WOW - I have NEVER had such great service. DiscountASP.NET is the absolute best. I don't know how to thank you."
- MJ Parker

"Just wanted to say thank you for the quick response and excellent service !!"
- P. Ringer

"The new Email Manager - I love it!"
- J. Pepe

"I'm very happy with my DiscountASP.NET services."
- D. Lamb

"I really appreciate the fast turn around by tech support!! I appreciate the professionalism of the DiscountASP.NET staff. This makes my job much easier as a developer. I also wanted to express my appreciation for the increase in SQL Server 2000 and 2005 space allocation. I can now send more business your way! Thanks a bunch!"
- J. Joslin

"You guys have AWESOME uptime."
- R. Strazzarino

"If my wife and I ever have a girl I would lobby very aggressively to name her [after you]... I greatly appreciate the swift response and action. Once again, I am reminded why I chose DiscountASP.NET as my host. You folks make me feel like you all just sit around and watch my site all day... I imagine that is most definitely not the case but it sure seems like it... Maybe a little over the top, but I truly am grateful for the excellent customer service... I couldn't say enough about your customer and hosting services. I have only been with you folks for a year, but it is the only host name that comes out of my mouth when discussing the options!"
- R. Anderson

"On another note, just wanted to tell you all what great service you provide. As a person coming from a more graphic design oriented background and moving toward more programming, your service and support have been phenomenal and a necessary bridge. Keep up the good work!"
- A. Bransom

"That is a very interesting finding. Thank you very much for figuring this out. Thank you for your prompt and precise help. I really appreciate it!"
- F. Uemura

If NOT(otherWebHosting Is Satisfactory) Then
     Register DiscountASP.NET
     Register DiscountASP.NET
End If
- J. Bey

"You have hosted my company's site for the past two years and I am extremely happy with the service and support. The technical support has been outstanding and the overall services provided are top notch. My sentiments are further echoed from the technical community with your Company's receipt of the Reader's Choice award for the past two years along with the DNDJ Award. This speaks highly of your overall team and of your organization. When you announced early adoption of SQL Server 2005, I was elated to see that you were continuing with your innovative marketing approach."
- J. LaCombe

"I decided to come back to DiscountASP.NET because it's the only company I can trust. I think their online support is far better than any web hosting company on the face of the Earth, I did cancel them yesterday but after I went to [another host] they where completely rubbished so I decided that my web hosting company will always be at DiscountASP.NET."
- W. Houston

"Thank you so much for the quick resolution and responses... I appreciate your dedication and support immensely!!! I do believe in your product and services. DiscountASP.NET is absolutely the best deal out there, and the support is second to none. Thank you so much!"
- J. Brock

"You guys are really the best. I have one other account with you but tried some of the 'recommended' providers recommnded by [another] and they were pretty bad. Long time for support, waited all weekend to get my account set up etc, etc. Am now doing what I should have done and bringing this other domain back to DiscountASP.NET."
- D. Khan

"Great job on the SQL tools, they're working perfect for me and I'm even able to sync with the server and fetch my archived backups. Perfect."
- M. Wisecarver

July 2006

"By the way I have refered many other people to you to host their sites even though I don't have control of the domains. I think you guys are the best hosting company I have ever used (including the one I ran off of my own machine for awhile). Not only do you charge a fair price but you also have great service (I can't remember when my site was last down). As a .NET developer I truly appreciate that you keep up with all the updates and even supplied me with a test site when the .NET Framework 2.0 came out."
- B. Dalton

"DiscountASP.NET Rocks! I recently gave the support guys a rather tough task helping me migrate a huge community site from Interland over to DiscountASP.NET. The support guys took care of everything, a few cut/paste lines of code on my end and all went fantastic. With such a huge selection of Classic ASP and .NET components to chose from it was like eating candy. Kudos to the team!"
- Wisemx

"I just wanted to send a note to say how very pleased I have been with your hosting service. I have tried out over a dozen providers over the last 4 years, and your service without a doubt is the absolute best on the internet. In particular, most sites have problems bringing up all the images on a page, I have never, I mean never had an image not display with DiscountASP.NET. Further, I have never run into a situation where my site has not been up. My site utilizes very complex .NET programming and have used many 3rd party components. In the past your site is the only site where everything works as it is programmed and installed the first time. And your support is the absolute best, have had a few tickets, all resolved within hours. Thanks for the support."
- G. Filipovich

"The new SQL Tools are great! I've successfully backed up my DB, ftp'd the file to a local machine and restored it without incident... great for doing local development with real-world data."
- Arby

"I just want to say how impressed I am with the quality of your service. I put in a ticket last night with a question, and it was responded to within a few minutes. With what I have seen so far, I couldn't imagine a better hosting company. The flexibility you offer is amazing, as is the low price. Thanks. "
- D. Anderson

"Thanks again. You all do a great job and I love your services. If I were in Los Angeles, I'd try to come work for you!"
- A. McKendree

"[Your] forum did help me alots before.. thanks for all of you.. (i'm not very good in english)"
- Syintdo

"You guys rock. If there's some evaluation form or something I can fill out for you let me know."
- S. Schuldt

"1000 thank you's. I love DiscountASP.NET. For my money I will never choose another hosting company over DiscountASP.NET. You guys are miracle workers. Thanks again."
- T. Wallace

"Thank you. You are a God-send!"
- D. Spurlin

June 2006

"Thanks for all your help. You gave me exactly what I needed. You guys are very responsive and accordingly I plan to keep my site hosted here for many years to come. Keep up the good work!"
- B. Latshaw

"Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the new [SQL] db backup feature. I was just getting ready to email you and find out how to do an off-site backup. Saved me the trouble of asking as everything worked perfectly. Fast as well. Took less than 10 seconds to generate the backup and show up in the web root. Thanks!"
- C. Walsh

"I just wanted to say thank you for the help on the SQL 2005 database. I am very, very impressed with DiscountASP.NET - believe me when I say that I'm qualified to say that. I've hosted my websites with many web providers, but this is the first one that has got it together! Great job guys!"
- J. Hamm

Comments about the recently introduced SQL Tool Suite for DiscountASP.NET SQL Hosting customers "That's the best thing you could have ever done! My prayers have been answered. Thanks much!"
- D. Schinkel

"I wanted to communicate how happy I am with the EASE of setup and usage of DiscountASP.NET. After nightmares at the previous host, your interfaces are a boon to technically-savvy users. I have 4 other clients that I will also be moving. Thank you so much, and I look forward to a long relationship with your service."
- P. Smith

"I have been using SQL and Visual Studio for many years. I just signed up for [ASP.NET Hosting] and an accompanying SQL DB. Your setup is pretty slick and it worked quite easy for me. I wish I would have found you long ago. Keep up the good work. Thx."
- G. Woodruff

May 2006

"Thank you so much. Now it works. I greatly appreciate all your help. The tech support and services you have provided are obviously the best."
- J. Yan

"I requested a change on the web server 6pm before a three-day weekend. DiscountASP.NET completed this and informed me of the change in under 15 minutes. You guys have *Excellent* service!"
- J. Ipock

"When I needed a home for [my website] I chose DiscountASP.NET. As an early supported of ASP.NET 2.0, they had the right tools and configuration to support the site. I'm back again now, to host SQL [and another site] and am happy to say, that the level of support and friendliness far exceeds my expectations. Thank you DiscountASP.NET!"
- C. Jones

"My colleague and I was working on a project for a client and we used DiscountASP.NET as our host. We have had a few technical support inquiries and we were both impressed with how fast we got a response; and in all cases, the issue was successfully resolved quickly. Job well done! Keep up the good work."
- K. Chu

"And again, for your intuitive no-nonsense user-interface and your 100% fast and flawless service. I am deeply impressed. Your service is intuitive and great, ASP.NET at its very finest. I have a quality hoster with DiscountASP.NET."
- R. Davidsen

"Feels good to know we're with the right host - manned by technically competent people!"
- Mark

"All is working OK now, thank you. You really answer very quickly... congratulations "
- A. de la Cruz

"Great service you guys. Keep up the good work. I'm impressed that you would do a search and find the blog to describe it. I usually have to do that. You saved me time. Thanks a bunch."
- B. Casey

"I must admit this is excellent service, I've purchased two more websites on the strength of this. Many Thanks."
- C. Cousins

"..all problems have been resolved now :-) Thanks very much for your help. I will be recommending your company for .NET hosting to anyone that asks. The support you provide in my opinion is excellent for a novice such as myself. In comparison with at least one other company whom i dealt with who's tech support consisted of advising me to search on google for help!!! Thanks again :-) Happy Customer"
- G. Oakes

"Thanks for your follow up. I have learned more since I started hosting with DiscountASP.NET earlier this year, than the last several years on another server where there was little cooperation. It is really great to work with your team of professionals!"
- R. Lausen

"Thank you very much for the quick reply. You have been very responsive so far, looks like you are going to be a far better host than the one I'm currently managing my freelance sites from!"
- G. McClendon

"Thanks for the extremely fast response!!! You guys are already blowing my previous host out of the water regarding support."
- C. Walsh

April 2006

"You guys have everything covered. I've never seen such configurability in a hosting service, or such great support. I'm an application developer at a mid-sized software dev firm. I will be spreading the good word about you."
- T. Rosenbaum

"I think you guys provide a great service and I will continue to use you and recommend you to others. Thanks again!"
- M. Kuzma

"I just signed up with these guys a few days ago based on the good reviews they got. I had some email issues during the switchover and they resolved it in an hour. They respond within an hour or so of your registering a complaint and it's almost like chatting from that point onwards. Really prompt service, and they resolve it within 3 or so emails. For one of my issues, it was resolved about 5 minutes after I sent in the issue. No kidding. Best service I've ever got in my life."
- A. Kabadkar

"That is all absolutely spectacular. Thanks very much. I could not possibly be happier or more positively impressed by a response. Very best. I will absolutely recommend you as a web partner in future."
- B. Weylock

"I should have never doubted I could do what I needed to on DiscountASP..NET. Sounds cheesy but you are without a doubt a fantastic hosting service. Thanks again for the prompt helpful response - I can stop worrying now!!"
- R. Greaves

"I can't say enough about the company I host with. They do an amazing job... [They] have some very nice features, for a really inexpensive hosting company. All of my .NET stuff is on the 1.1 Framework, but I have plans of redoing it all in the 2.0 Famework, they support both. Their admin tools are awesome too. Web based administration of email, dns, and some IIS features specific to my application space on their server. Throw in backups, and a ton of transfer, and it's such a great deal. Only once or twice in the past year have I ever had problems, short email outages, but they're a growing company and they're honest when things do go wrong. From a development stand-point, I have yet to find a hosting provider with so many 3rd party controls they offer to their customers. They even have some cool things like being able to schedule a URL to hit (for a webservice for instance). They have over 40 components available for use, and typically development ones you can copy locally for offline development. Even though FreeTextBox is an awesome WYSIWYG editor, these guys have RichTextBox which is also a really good control. They even have the rest of the Rich components, including the slider, and datepicker. They also have some great charting components. Their customer support team does a pretty good job too, they generally respond to emails within an hour or two. If you're looking for hosting, I'd definetly check them out. They were the Visual Studio Magazine Reader's choice hosting provider of 2005."
- J. Batdorf

"I recently made a few major errors while hurredly setting up some online sites. I set up a full year of hosting for the wrong domain. I contacted the sales department at DiscountASP.NET, they replied in less than two hours (on a Sunday!) telling me that everything was taken care of. They had changed the domain over and not charged me for it! Now that's service. So, not only do I now recommend them to my friends based on their superb up-time, excellent throughput, and support of ASP.NET 2.0, I now have yet another reason to recommend them - service. There truly are advantages to consumers for doing business with a Microsoft Certified partner, and now I've experienced that from the other side."
- M. Earls

"Following your instruction, I successfully solved the Japanese character problem. Thank you very much for your very prompt and appropriate answer. I am always impressed by your high quality service."
- M. Mori

"Again I have to commend your tech support! You once again acknowledged and quickly corrected a problem. I appreciate everything you are doing! Thanks!"
- C. Bates

"Thanks very much, once again fantastic service :-)"
- L. Kelley

March 2006

"I believe it's worth to recommend DiscountASP.NET as a DNN hosting [DotNetNuke] company. I've been enjoying their services for the last few months. They respond very fast to our tickets and, in general, they know how to do their job. We have switched from our previous host who had no idea about DNN hosting. They've never granted aspnet permissions to the appropriate folders and it was impossible for us to operate our portal. I would definitely recommend these guys."
- T. Hinks

"That's what I like of your company, your efficiency. thank you so much !!!! also congratulations on the award, you guys rock !!!!!!!!!!"
- A. Casas

"Thanks for your help. I really love your service and your site is outstanding. I'm a pretty happy customer."
- C. Salazar

"Thank you very much! I just wanted to note that in working with DiscountASP.NET both Technical Support and Billing that your customer service is nothing less than exceptional... You and your team are doing a phenomenal job and should be commended for it... Thanks again!!"
- R. LeCount

"I really appreciate the fast and professional customer service from DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Kysela

"You guys/gals rock! Thank you for your prompt attention! I have been extremely happy with your service and support to date!"
- C. Bates

"Finally!!! Its working. Thank u for your patient and thank u for your help...."
- I. Gold

"Thank you [DiscountASP.NET], I feel like you guys know everything!" - J. Lavender

"Thank you for your wonderful service! We are very impressed, as the speed is 5X faster than the server we were previously using."
- B. Nehring

"Wow! I just completed the migration to [DiscountASP.NET] and the website behaves so much better now. I knew that my site was slow, but I didn't realize just how slow it was."
- M. Earls

"I'll second the thanks, [the DiscountASP.NET] forum rocks! I'm just moving to DiscountASP.NET and I really like what I see."
- Dean

"Also, thank you for providing such a good hosting solution. I have been with dozens of hosts before, and I like DiscountASP.NET the best BY FAR. You have so many self-serve management controls, it just makes it really easy to host with you.."
- R. Groves

"During a recent outage caused by my own doing, I deleted a table from an SQL database. Should have had an offsite copy - but didn't. DiscountASP.NET responded to my call for a backup within 30 minutes and I was back up and running within two hours. Great service, always pleasant. I'm very surprised to hear a bad review at all - they've always been "Johnny-on-the-spot" with fixes."
- S. Schad

"I applied for hosting, by the time I had made a coffee I could come onto the site on the temporary URL, today the whole lot is ready (other than writing the web site). Compare this with the host I just abandoned, a month and I still hadn't got what I ordered, basic host/email with .NET 2. Well done."
- R. Mee

"I like your pricing model. I left 1and1 to come to you. Your performance is great! I'm impressed with DiscountASP.NET. Great site, blog and support for the money and even for more money."
- B. Casey

"Congratulations to this amazing web hosting service!"
- R. Santana

February 2006

"I came to DiscountASP.NET in an emergency during an online survey (it took less than 30 minutes to sign up, copy and point to it), after lousy hosting from three companies and have since added two more websites. The ease of setting up databases and .NET applications that work immediately is amazing. I am not a professional - I was initially wary of the lack of a phone number, but the only difficulties I have had are my technical shortcomings - that's my problem, not theirs. If DiscountASP.NET spent their time on the phone with [everyone] I'd be paying more, or getting less."
- I. Thomas

"First off I'd like to thank you for your great service you guys have provided me with over the last years. You constantly try to improve your service, and the great thing is, that you guys do it by getting your clients involved (surveys) rather than just making the decision yourself. There are similar services out there, which are a little bit cheaper, but the customer service I receive from you and the trust that has build up over the last years its worth for me paying the extra 3 dollars per month."
- J. Gonser

"Thanks! Man, you guys are fast! Please forward to your supervisor if applicable, because I am VERY satisfied with DiscountASP.NET's service and competency. I will definitely recommend and use your company for every client I have the opportunity to work with!"
- B. Dossey

"DiscountASP.NET is exactly what I need to help grow my business. I can add size and bandwidth as I please and tech support is always quick and responsive to my needs..... Thank you, I think you guys have a great service. Quick and friendly turnaround as well!"
- W. Arnett

"Your solution worked perfectly and smoothly. As usual, your response was quick and I am quickly becoming your number one fan. Keep up the great work!"
- M. Cordasco

"Our site is currently using ASP.NET 2.0 along with your basic SQL Server 2005 addon. In addition, we are using email forwarding along with a few email accounts. Setup and configuration of all of these items was very easy thanks to your well designed control panel. I would also like to add that I have been extremely pleased with how simple it is to update the site as well as the database objects and data when needed. We have had no problems so far with any of our site's functionality. I am very happy to have found a hosting service that does a great job catering to those of us who use .NET. Keep up the great work!!!"
- Todd

"Keep up this type of customer service and you'll have a customer for life! Thanks a million."
- M. Tee

"Your awesome!!! It worked great. DiscountASP.NET is the 4th (YES THE FOURTH) hoster I have come to get my site listed, and the ONLY one to successfully have it work!! All thanks to this forum and the excellent support from your technical support department."
- MikeB

January 2006

"Thank you. BTW: I love the service! I moved my .com here some time ago... easier to use than my former server."
- J. Nelson

"I can't believe I'm writing this e-mail but... I signed a client up with DiscountASP.NET because the price seemed reasonable and I needed ASP services. When loading a sample html page for them on your servers I was actually startled at how fast it loaded. I thought my satellite connection might simply be running particularly fast, as it does on rare occasions, so I blew the cache on my machine and loaded the same page from *my* server. Big difference. Heck, guys, I was just looking for a good deal, I wasn't expecting it to be fast as well! I will be switching my own account to DiscountASP.NET."
- J. Siebel

"I've to say that I LIKE YOUR HOSTING SERVICE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH... After 3 years of hosting my application and facing problems because of performance, or bad support. I tried DiscountASP.NET and I found that they are the best for shared hosting. I tried 3 host provider before DiscountASP.NET but after working with DiscountASP.NET, I've to say they are the best. Thanks."
- M. Eraky

"Great job guys !!!! I recently moved from another hosting service after 3 years because they were going to take "yet another 30" days to offer 2.0. Couldn’t wait any longer. Came across DiscountASP.NET on the site. Their service was fast, got my account activated in a day (the old to new dns changes took a while but that’s standard and beyond anyone’s control). Prompt replies to emails and queries. Could visit the control panel almost instantly. Everything works like a charm. So far So Good."
- K. Murthy

"I have been with DiscountASP.NET for more than 2 years now and I have been extremely satisfied with the minimal (almost non-existent) downtime of my website. Good business relationships are one of the most important aspects of my work as a lead software architect for a mid-sized enterprise software consulting firm. I look forward to continuing to build our relationship and wish you continued success."
- N. Katz

"I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your technical support. I have had several technical support issues, all were handled extremely quickly. I will be recommending your service to my friends."
- B.K. Williams

"I just wanted to say thank you. I didn't know that was the case with the .config and I appreciate the help. Your turn-around time was incredibly fast! Thanks again..."
- M. Hildner

"I've had my DiscountASP.NET account for sometime and am very pleased with it."
- Anonymous Post

"We develop and sell software online. We also develop web-based software for our customers. I was a bit timid about trusting a discounted service with our commercial internet needs much less our customers' needs. However, taking the chance to trust DiscountASP.NET is one of the best business decisions I have made. We are regularly moving our customer sites to DiscountASP.NET and have moved all of our web presence to DiscountASP.NET. Excellent service! Excellent prices! Dependability! Flexibility!"
- B. Kostecki

"Thank you!!!!!! The email seems to be working great for us!!! Now I know why your company rated so high in the customer service area, which was one of the reasons why we chose you to be our new provider. Who ever gets this email let everyone know who helped me it was much appreciated!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!"
- B. Olivo

This comment came in during New Years Holiday... "Someone is working today, and I just wanted to say Happy New Year and Thank You."
- O. Johnson

"These guys are great. I host several websites with DiscountASP.NET, and I have been very happy. Their service is great: the turnaround time on responses to questions is excellent, and I haven't experienced any downtime. I hosted with another popular company (whom I won't name) and experienced a day of downtime within my first week of service. Needless to say, I canceled and switched back to DiscountASP.NET immediately. Their control panel is so much easier to use than most I've seen. These guys know their stuff."
- G. Hughes

"Great value and quality hsoting company! I host several websites with DiscountASP.NET and I'm very happy with them! "You get what you pay for" doesn't hold true here, because I could host 3 websites at DiscountASP.NET for the cost of one elsewhere. While the available ASP/.NET components are targeted for developers like myself, anyone who wants Windows hosting could host here. I've never seen any downtime and no problems, A+++ for DiscountASP.NET!"
- Billtei

"I have been very satisfied with DiscountASP.NET... you proactively communicate with your customers and run a solid, reliable service."
- K. Floyde

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