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The following testimonials are real comments provided by real customers and partners.

"Thanks for being a great partner, DiscountASP.NET!"
Blog Post - Bill Staples, Microsoft IIS7 Group Program Manager

best hosting service As a first in the history of Windows Hosting, DiscountASP.NET won the "Best ASP.NET Hosting Service" Award in asp.netPRO Magazines Readers' Choice poll for the Fourth Consecutive Year! (Read More)
DiscountASP.NET also won Runnup-Up Title for 2008 Product of the Year in this year's asp.netPRO Readers' Choice poll too!

"We'd like to thank DiscountASP.NET for their support of .NET Valley and TECHbash 2008. DiscountASP.NET has become a Gold sponsor of TECHbash 2008 and has provided our user group with IIS 7 hosting for Without their wonderful sales and support team, we would never be able to accomodate our current needs. Thanks again DiscountASP.NET and keep up the good work!"
Jason Gaylord, .NET Valley President

"We needed a web host which could ensure a fast and secure environment for our applications and online demos. DiscountASP.NET fit our requirements and we trust them to host our sites, XIGLA.COM and XIGLA.TV. We recommend DiscountASP.NET to anyone in need of affordable yet powerful hosting services for our .NET products."

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Reviews and Testimonials From 2008

December 2008

"I just wanted to let you folks know that, after way too much time, I finally buckled down and got [my] site migrated from my lame old servers to DiscountASP.NET. This was really easy to do, everything just made sense thanks to the layout of information on your site, etc... You guys rock!"
- S. Seely

"I'm impressed with the set of ASP.NET/MS SQL features of their web host plans... These folks are doing great job... That's my experience and my opinion."
- SergeyS

"This was a very informative email. It reaffirms my decision in using DiscountASP.NET as my hosting provider. I can now forward this email to my customers so that they have some idea as to what the problem was. Thank you for being a great company!"
- S. Wickham

"Thanks so much for your quick response... You all are a class act. Have a great Christmas."
- B. McCool

"DiscountASP.NET is the best host I've ever had. Never before did I have this kind of quick and expert support. I'd pay much more for this."
- G. Kasselakis

"I have to admit that I tried using GoDaddy’s Windows hosting solution for a .net website because they were so cheap. Well, cheap and unusable is exactly what they were. After two days of insanity, I couldn’t get my very very simple website working. I changed my nameservers and got my hosting through you, loaded my files and BAM, a working website. Thank you so much! I have four sites with you guys, and I couldn’t be happier. "
- R. Stewart

"DiscountASP.NET is awesome"
- J. Nguyen

"Hello all, i would like to personally thank you, i have spent 3 days, and scoured dozens of forums looking for a solution to my problem. I am in the process of moving a website on 2000 server, to a VMbox using 2003, and the site is an old ASP site that i took over only 6 months ago. Naturally half the website broke and i have been repairing it piece by piece. Your posts above have saved me many more hours of hassles as i was about to rewrite the entire set of pages. I would like to Thank each and every one of you, THANK YOU!!"
- jbos (from our community forum)

November 2008

"Thank you for your very quick response message. I'm impressed with your support qualities. Keep up the good work!"
- R. Veldhuis

"I'm very happy with DiscountASP.NET. They've been my host for years."
- A. Ridlehoover

"I used it for my personal domain, for couple of clients and now for my new startup. All is shared hosted. I have opened couple of tickets over time, and was generally satisfied. Was long ago, so sorry I don't recall specifics. I use FTP all the time and it is fast enough. I do stuff in control panel, define web applications etc, and it is responsive and logicaly organized. One thing that I value is quick adaptation of new Microsoft technologies. I am on the bleading edge and need the latest stuff. Another strength is site layout. I tried one even cheaper hosting at a company where I regsitered my domain and was very disappointed by their web site organization. I could hardly find the way to control panel, through pile of advertising and different other services. DiscountASP.NET focuses on hosting and is modest in their attempts to cross and up sell. I experienced outages, like everyone else commented, but with Amazon down twice this year what you can expect? Nobody is 99999. DiscountASP.NET was IMHO well within the reasonably dependent service definition. Suffice to say my application breaks so much more then the hoster, that it will take me time when DiscountASP.NET becomes the reliability bottleneck. Overall I do recommend it. It took me time to sift through enough hosters to find them. Hope I help you save time :)"
- M. Kariv

October 2008

"We have few accounts for few years. These guys always keep up to date with system and e-mail upgrades while not reducing level of quality and quick support."
- Z. Canada

"I've used your services for a few years now and love what DiscountASP.NET has to offer."
- D. White

"I wasn't an early adopter of DiscountASP.NET, but in the past few months I've had absolutely no complaints. I'm an aspiring ASP.NET developer, and hosting isn't cheap to come by these days-- its very refreshing to have a host like you guys around."
- Danny G.

"DiscountASP.NET's control panel is still the best I've seen."
- D. Donaldson

"I would just like to say a big thank you to DiscountASP.NET for their fantastic service and always very helpful attitude. I have tried lots of hosting companies but know I can always rely on DiscountASP.NET to provide fast, top quality hosting, service and advice. They have always gone out of their way to help. The best by far."
- A. Hartigan

"I have to say that I love how smooth everything went so far (from ordering the web space to the installation of dotnetnuke). I have worked with an other hosting company before and pretty much nothing worked well there. Keep up the good work!"
- Stephan H.

"I have a personal site with DiscountASP.NET that I relocated from Readyhosting earlier this year to test the water and play around with DNN, and my site hasn't been down at all!! So I decided to migrate my business site this past week from readyhosting to DiscountASP.NET and I'm amazed at how much faster the application functions!!! Their support seems to great as well!! I LOVE DISCOUNTASP.NET!!!!"
- T. Thomas

September 2008

"Thank you again for all of your help. You really went above and beyond to assist me and I greatly appreciate that."
- S. Terrell

"Thank you for all your help. My website is up and running now... I become very familiar with your site, and let me tell you that YOU GUYS ROCK.. it was a good choice... THANK YOU... Your mail behave much like Exchange 2007 and your Win 2008 server with II7 works as it should. I feel very happy that I chose you guys, and that I have a hosting service that is very simple and logical to use, but at the same time incredibly powerful and a well designed datacenter for the hosting infrastructure."
- O. F. Agreda

"DiscountASP.NET is the best hosting service I've ever tried over the WEB and I recommend it to all my friends and Colleagues. I've seen nothing except a proffesional corporate and world class customer service."
- B. Thabet

"I suppose you don't get many kudos in this area, but I have to compliment you for great service, and I'm sure glad to have my site over here. Since moving [my site] to your server, my spam Emil had dropped from 200-300 per day to less than 20-30. I use windows live mail which filters spam for me, and it used to take in the range of 10 minutes to get all the mail in the morning. Now in 2-3 minutes I'm able to get the work done. Many thanks for this - It's still a shock though to not have all the spam coming in."
- D. Corby

"I really appreciate your help and attention, always the best service in DiscountASP.NET. I solved all the inconvinients and the mail server is working perfectly at this moment.... I am a very big evangelist of your company! Actually I have your logos published on the clients section in my company's webpage. I have 5 or 6 registered accounts with you and I have never have a problem, I'm very happy with your service..."
- E. Paez

"For what it is worth, your company is one of the only companies that gets it right every time. Your service works properly, you have added features when I requested them in the past, your support team answers fast, etc. I think a lot of companies could learn from your level of service."
- T. Sweet

August 2008

DiscountASP.NET: Web Hosting Provider Enables Unprecedented Access to Services, Wows Customers
Microsoft Case Study - Download Word Doc Download Microsoft Case Study

"They have been an absolute joy to deal with it. You get great control over most things and the tech support turn around is to die for."
- L. Phillips

"DiscountASP.NET is really focused on the ASP.NET developer audience and not only have I found their service to be solid and reliable and their support is outstanding."
- S. Trefethen

"I'm very impressed with you guys - and your services - and this is just the first day!"
- W. Fair

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the flawless email migration. Everything went very smooth and my users love the new SmarterMail. So well done to all involved!"
- R. Anderson

"Wow, thanks for the prompt reply. I am impressed."
- NightOwl

"If you are looking for a web host that specifically provides the service that you want, then DiscountASP.NET should be the first to look at. It targets a narrow market, thus allowing a wider scope of service that includes all compatible windows compatible scripts. It targets people who choose windows as their hosting server and therefore it is able to fully support their clients..... One of the things that I personally hate about web hosting companies is that most of them wear an image that they can do all, and provide all. They will tell you that they can handle all types of server hosting possible. Now you don’t need to be a genius to know that is too good to be true. Not only that they will make you believe that they can give the perfect service no matter what kind of hosting you need..... DiscountASP.NET focuses only on providing windows based hosting, the ASP.NET. They have the latest system in windows server hosting as well as its specialized sub-services. And because DiscountASP.NET only allows windows server, you are guaranteed that their full system resources will always be dedicated in maintaining the server that you, as a client is in..... Their servers are secured in California, United States, and they don’t hide that. They are not in some small town of an unknown country..... Aside from the many awards that has received, this service provider also boasts a long trail of positive feedbacks about their service. Reading through that will tell you that these are real statements from real satisfied customers, and not just a feeble attempt to market itself..... They also offer discounts and 30-day money back guarantee to their customers. Now that is something that is hard to refuse. How can you say no to a solution where you are the clear winner? Over-all I’ll give DiscountASP.NET an unquestionable five over five."
- Web Hosting Columns Review Excerpts

"DiscountASP.NET is certainly the best in my opinion in ISPs... The tools you get with it virtually brings you closer to a real-life work environment as you can expect as far as tools & support with a cheap ISP. Their UI for managing your SQL Server databases is just excellent. Most ISPs don’t give you jack. I can backup my DB, restore it myself and this is not even a dedicated server! There is support for most all .NET tools and most all new betas here (again, this exceeds my expectations) and I have never had a problem with these guys even though support is through email. You get quick responses from their support group and definitely are notified of downtime or planned outages. They have been rated one of the best in several magazines and online resources. I have 3 accounts with them for 3 of my sites and I don't think I've ever had any downtime."
- D. Schinkel

"I would recommend DiscountASP.NET. I have been hosting my clients with them for years and their service is reliable. "
- Iration

"I moved sites to, and so far they work perfectly."
- ReTox

"Many thanks. I've signed up and already have most of my test web site working - I'm HIGHLY impressed with the service you offer.... I would add that I was pretty well at my wits' end, having failed to get the new web site working on my old ISP's Windows web server after trying for nearly a week, even though their server appeared to have all the necessary add-ons. With yours, I was up and running within a couple of hours. Amazing!"
- J. Hall

"Thank you very much for all of your hard work over the last year. We can't say enough wonderful things about your site and service."
- A. Drake

"Support fixed me up. They are really good here. Thanks guys!"
- ColdSun

July 2008

"I signed up with DiscountASP.NET when my previous provider (1and1) was not able to address the growth I was experiencing with my MS-SQL Database. 1and1 told me that they had no solution for my problem. Since this is a privately funded site, and I am not very technically competent, and there are many different hosting solutions out there I was dreading making the switch. Your tech support people answered my initial questions, quickly and professionally, and even gave me the answers I wanted :) I signed up, and spent quite a bit of time testing the site. I had to make a few changes to the code, but not that many, and your knowledge base, forums and tech support folks were great. I made the cutover a couple of weeks back, and the results have been great. I am no longer having the performance issues I had with 1and1, and have had only a few "gotcha's" with the site. Yesterday is the day that I would officially have run out of space with 1and1. At DiscountASP.NET, the site keeps on running, and I have lot's of room for expansion. So, thanks to everyone at DiscountASP.NET for making what was to me a very major event, into a very minor non-event."
- M. Leroux

"Much appreciated and am very impressed with your services. Your hosting company is one of the best that I found in all my research that would handle what we have designs for. :) So far so good!"

"All I can say is that it makes me extremely happy anytime I see someone take advantage of the platform in such interesting ways. Keep up the good work!"
- From Microsoft IIS Team member: Carlos Aguilar Mares Blog Post

"I have registered my second domain through DiscountASP.NET so far they are excellent for me."
- A. Ghaffar

June 2008

"DiscountASP.NET is bar none the best Shared Host in the world."
- M. Wisecarver

"Everything is going fine so far, I just have a bunch of setup and testing to do. I really like your program and people so far, I'm glad I found you."
- J. Hunt

"Allowing IIS manager, and documenting it greatly with KB article is top-notch customer service. I am so glad that I went with your company... I found everything I was looking for at DiscountASP.NET, and then even some more. I am very pleased with my decision..."
- B. Saydag

"I use their hosting for 3 different sites I run and they have been excellent in adding new features and maintaining a great price."
- K. Marks

"I have two web spaces with you and must say I am so impressed with the overall performance and service provided by your organization and its employees. Yesterday, I added SQL server to one of them and it was set-up in no time. I have a lot of technical knowledge as an MCSE, and developer and have maintained my own stuff in the past, but now I can concentrate on the sites I am trying to develop and leave all the other stuff to you. Thanks for the great service and knowledgeable employees. I should have done this a lot sooner... I have wasted a lot of time and energy maintaining my own stuff, not to mention the cost!"
- T. Jackson

"Btw, it’s nice to visit a forum for a company where you can consistently read messages that are thankful for such high quality support for a change."
- S. Trefethen

"I have been with this site for the past several years and I my experience has been great. Their support system works great. I am not sure how they compare with others price-wise, but who cares the service is great."
- J. Krishnaswamy

May 2008

"Wow! That simple! Thanks for all of the support and for really making my day. I'll echo other testimonials in saying that I couldn't believe how quickly I got a response to my initial request for help. It truly is reassuring to know that you back up your product with great customer service and support."
- M. King

"Just wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful product and service you guys have. I needed to set up DotNetNuke for a client and I needed to be able to easily adjust the IIS settings and also backup and restore the database. This is vital if you need to perform an upgrade safely. Not only is your Control Panel first rate (it does everything), and your SQL tools first rate (allows backup, restore and maintenance), but you have a full Knowledgebase that gives me any answers that I may need. You have a good product when I can do complicated things and not have to call technical support. For complex configurations it’s nice to have a dependable host that knows what it is doing."
- M. Washington

"A big "Well Done!" to the folks over at DiscountASP.NET!"
From Blog Post: Web Hosting Companies adopting IIS 7 - Extending Management Options for users
- Rob Cameron, Microsoft Developer Evangelist

"I am very happy with and have recommended to many."
- M. Reyn

"thx alot guys. thumbs up for one of highest forum service level ever :D "
- ev001

"I have lived through some pretty bad horror stories with other providers. After switching to DiscountASP.NET, I have literally thought I died and went to heaven! As a developer, I have enough to worry about in making my customers happy with their web applications. With my application hosted on DiscountASP.NET, I don't have to worry about the server status, I get a lot of heads up for any maintenance/improvement downtime, and I get great support even on the weekends."
- B. McCool

"... you all are doing a great job in all areas that I see. I have used your support several times and your personnel are great! So, thanks so much for your professionalism in everything you do."
- C. Tardibuono

"I chose DiscountASP.NET and like it :). They have all the features I want."
- M. Borozdin

April 2008

"Your person did a great job of answering my questions. He gets 10 gold stars. Really."
- Mark S.

"Wow you guys rock... everything is in that control panel. Thanks again!"
- Craig S.

"Thanks so much. I have never experienced such amazingly good service."
- R. Zurer

"Heya, I just wanted to point something which is worthy of great reverence - youe awesome support team which instantly replies and helps me with any issue related to my website and hosting. Thank you people and keep up the great job."
- M. Cotic

"I got it working! I just want to say thanks for your timely responses Jay! This is probably my 5th time installing CS on the back end, which involved setting up my own IIS, and the whole deal, etc..., but this is my first time using a hosting service, I feel better that I chose your organization. You guys rock! "
- C. Toohey

"I've had a very speedy reply from (DiscountASP.NET technical support) who have put me on the right track."
- Mike

"I just switched from Webhost4life, and, man, what a difference. The website just works, period, and I don't have to worry about downtime or overloads."
- V. Berman

March 2008

"Y'all have been very helpful and it is a very welcome after my experience with 1&1."
- M. J. McCurrey

"Just signed up, and there is alot to like about this host. I really like how you exposed pretty much everything for remote administration, and how you keep on top of the latest and greatest of technology."
- GN

"Dear Technical support, I am writing you this message to thank you for your fast reply. Really you are an excellent Host and offering excellent services. I will ask all my clients to use your excellent service."
- TAE Sayed

"I received your response, thank you so much. I finally found a solution. I appreciate your hosting service and your perfect support team."
- M. Elgohary

"Big up to DiscountASP.NET's support team - excellent turnaround time on support tickets :-).."
- A. Westgarth

"We've been using DiscountASP.NET for a year now. Their support response has always been quick. Their support offerings and features are quite extensive. We use their SSL and SQL services and haven't experienced any major problems so far."
- D. Baker

"Everyting works very well now, thank you. I am glad I signed up with DiscountASP.NET especially because of your expertise in knowing exactly what I need and helping me. Thanks again,"
- G. Stars

"After moving my hosting between several providers, I landed at DiscountASP.NET. I picked them after reading they were the #1 hosting company picked by readers of two tech magazines I read, and they've rated that way for several years in a row."
- geosync

"For me they've always been the best value out there for windows hosting considering their support is top notch and the hosting package provides exactly what I'd need from a windows host."
- Jay

"I'm very pleased with the speed with which my account was migrated to IIS7 on Windows 2008... Excellent turnaround by the whole of the DiscountASP.NET Team - Gold Stars All Round "
- A. Westgarth

"... your services and support are far far better than any of the supposed "business accounts" found at other prominent suppliers. I use DiscountASP.NET as a standard for services and support and happily torture other suppliers by telling them so."
- B. Sumpter

February 2008

"Hi, we are new subscribers and we've just hosted our new technical site here, on DiscountASP.NET... We planned a couple of weeks to upload and operate our site, but we were wrong... it was a matter of a COUPLE OF HOURS! Immediately account attivation, within a few hours we got SQL add on and connection string, a brief forum consultation, SQL attach data file tool and some web.config tunning, minutes to upload and... incredible... it worked! Also users and roles! Thank's DiscountASP.NET, we made really a good choice!"
- Mapick

"I’ve used DiscountASP.NET for a lot of different projects and I’ve always found their customer service to be excellent... In numerous situations they’ve fixed things or changed configurations, when all I did was inquire about them. And I’m always amazed how fast their response is. So much so that I felt compelled to post a comment ;-)"
- M. Wittemann

"Another reason I'm writing this today is because if you pay attention while surfing around the websites you visit, especially open source .net projects, you'll notice DiscountASP.NET is often providing ad support for these projects as well. For example, you'll notice BlogEngine.Net, SubSonic, and DashCommerce (formerly Commerce Starter Kit) are all also supported by DiscountASP.NET. This kind of support of open source projects should be applauded.... Note: I feel obligated to note that DiscountASP.NET is also one of the advertisers in The Lounge ad network which I run. That being said, I've used DiscountASP.NET for a few years now and I have absolutely no complaints so far. I wouldn't support them if I didn't use them and approve them myself."
- K. Fricovsky

"I can vouch for DiscountASP.NET. I have yet to find another shared ASP.NET web host that is as good as DiscountASP.NET."
- Tessai

"I'm based in the UK and have been with DiscountASP.NET since June 2005. I have been extremely impressed with their service. I own or manage 7 commercial websites and they are all hosted with DiscountASP.NET. What impresses me most is the support. I ask a technical question and usually get a response immediately. With my old host, I usually got several automated replies before a human would tell me it was my fault. The support at DiscountASP.NET have always been extremely helpful which I think is very important for the security of my websites. They also reply 24/7 which is helpful for us in the UK. My main website has over 1 million page views per month. It has had very little downtime - negligible. The control panel is very easy to use and I particularly like to the list of free asp libraries. They are also on top form with upgrading their software and removing software that causes problems. Overall, I would say that DiscountASP.NET is incredibly good value for money."
- R. England

"I'm using DiscountASP.NET for two SubSonic projects right now. They've supported it nicely since I started some 7-8 months. Unlike some other hosting companies, DiscountASP.NET also offers free backup and restore of SQL databases through the [control panel]. It's these little things that do it for me. The service is always up, always fast and they don't nickel-n-dime you. My kind of place."
- Tim M.

"Hi, I submited a ticket with my request... and at lightning speed DiscountASP.NET registered the further domain and set it up as a pointer at my account! Thanks for your help"
- M. Piccinato

"Been with DiscountASP.NET for 4 years...they have never been anything but on the ball and dependable. I have some other sites [with other hosts] mainly to play with. But, I leave anything and everything important on DiscountASP.NET. They have never failed me and they allow me access to everything I need without having to call someone to update an IP address or whatnot. Good to hear they're supporting newest favorite toy!"
- B. Tarrance

"I opened a support ticket with DiscountASP.NET, explaining my situation, and asking for clarification on what I needed to do to change the MX records back to their site so I could restore my email flow. Less than 10 minutes later, I received what I thought was a case-creation confirmation email. But no; oh no; that’s not what it was. It was from my new best friend Cedric, and here’s what it said:
    Your MX record has been reset back to original.
    Thank you, Cedric
Holy Cow Batman! Cedric would have met my expectations by simply sending me an email with information required for me to reset my MX records to the default values for my account. He exceeded my expectations by actually performing the work himself thereby saving me the trouble. Yet another example of why DiscountASP.NET is my favorite hosting service."
- M. Milam

"This is a very, very thoughtful solution. Thank you for such excellent, consistent support. This is 100% above and beyond and why I send all my friends and clients to host with your company."
- T. Morgan

"Thank you again for your excellent response. It is very comforting to know how much you care for your customers - and get things done for us! I am very grateful. Best Wishes"
- Sophie

"Btw, it’s nice to visit a forum for a company where you can consistently read messages that are thankful for such high quality support for a change."
- S. Trefethen

Jaunary 2008

"Thank you so much! You guys are so quick and great!!"
- S. Butz

"I forgot to mention that as someone who works as a software developer for a living, I have grown accustomed to a certain level of freedom when it comes to configuring an application / database on their respective servers. What I truly value at DiscountASP.NET is the fact that, while we are not in a dedicated server environment, you guys have given the end user a surprising amount of control over their web sites / databases. The Control Panel API is truly valued by those who are familiar with programming, and the SQL 2005 tools, including the ability to attach a previously existing .mdf file and schedule backups is one of the reasons that I have chosen your service"
- D. Frazer - Testimonial #2

"I would personally not even consider looking anywhere else than DiscountASP.NET for web site hosting. As with any other provider, you sometimes experience problems and I take that for granted. It's the reaction to these problems that impresses me. Everyone I have communicated with has demonstrated the highest of work ethic and sincere concern for me as a customer even though I'm only a mere $15 a month or so in revenue. The feature updates are so wide-spread and frequent I can't even keep up with them. The tools are constantly going from great-to-awesome. I know there are cheaper sites out there but I do not think the VALUE could be any better anywhere and I won't even be looking. Thanks for doing a great job. DiscountASP.NET ROCKS !!!!!!"
- J. Ward

"I just wanted to say that I am nothing short of impressed with the service / products that you offer. The support that I have received has not only been thorough and informative, but incredibly timely as well. The SQL Server 2005 hosting, ASP.NET 2.0 / 3.5 hosting, and Intuitive Control Panel / Control Panel API are worth the price alone. And speaking of price, DiscountASP.NET has provided me with the increased functionality that most shared hosting sites can’t provide at a fraction of the cost of a virtual / dedicated server! You guys are doing a great job!!!!!
- D. Frazer - Testimonial #1

"I've had a great experience with DiscountASP.NET. Their support has been responisive and always extremely curteous and helpful. Being a novice at web design, they have been there for me to answer any questions I had. Not to mention, my web site and email has always been up and running. I highly recommend them."
- Anonymous Post

"Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to develop the backup application for SQL 2005 databases!!"
- BrownDog

"I have to give some kudos here. Since transferring my site to DiscountASP.NET, I've experienced improvements on all fronts:
  • Ease of setup
  • Control panel useability
  • Site useability (my site runs better, as if DiscountASP.NET is better tuned for ASP.NET apps)
  • Database access and setup is infinitely easier
  • The knowledge base is a fantastic resource
  • Forums helpful too
  • Price:performance and price:features ratios are excellent

  • real job guys, keep up the good work."
    - Prujohn

    "I've been running my own dedicated server but picked up a DiscountASP.NET account to experiment with .NET 3.5, another programmer I work with uses them too and is very happy with them."
    - J. Bigelow

    "I love you. Not only are you are clear about the services you provide, but you publish instructions even a fool could understand. Very refreshing!"
    - J. Rodzinski

    "It works and things are coming along now ....u guys Rock!!!!! Party on dudes!!"
    - R. Briskey

    "DiscountASP.NET for me is like a car family, when you get one that is good, you tend to stay with it."
    - M. Coelho

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