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The following testimonials and reviews are real comments provided by real customers and partners.

best hosting in asp.netpro readers choice poll 2009 DiscountASP.NET is extremely proud to announce that we have won the Best ASP.NET Hosting award for asp.netPRO magazine's Readers' Choice Poll for the Fifth Consecutive Year!

Best ASP.NET Hosting Service DiscountASP.NET proudly announces receiving prestigious recognition from Code Project, one of the world’s largest online developer communities. DiscountASP.NET was named "Best ASP.NET Hosting Service" in Code Project’s first annual member’s choice awards.

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Reviews and Testimonials From 2009

December 2009

"Just wanted to say I'm most impressed with the new Windows 2008 and SQL Server 2008 setup! Thanks and seasons greetings."
- P. Jones

"I’m going into my second year of using and have been very happy with the service. There are a lot of online tools to make administrating your site possible, plus they are big MS partners and are always up on the latest releases."
- A. Kinney

"DiscountASP.NET for me too. Best for the money, they support SQL Server and the tools are all there."
- DiverKas

"We really proud to say your server is one of the best server in the industry."
- R. Anbu

"So, I'm happy that the deployment worked well. Many thanks to the folks at DiscountASP.NET for providing us all with the nice free sandbox account."
- Polybius

"Thank you! This is why I use DiscountASP.NET hosting: Your knowledge and service. Thank you again for your assistance, patience and outstanding services."
- S. Titus

"hi - this is just a word of thanks re: your service to say that i am well impressed. great and responsive customer support and tools. really very good."
- G. Waring

"Thank you for the prompt response and the information, I will do as you suggest. PS. Your hosting is superb - I did not know what I was missing, until I switched to your company. Thank you for your excellent service!"
- M. Buresh

November 2009

"This is not a ticket but I just want to say that your site and service is outstanding! I've been building web sites for more than 10 years and you guys are the best service provider, by far, that I've used. Your service, reporting, and data mining features and support are amazing! Please pass this on to your management. Happy Thanksgiving!"
- J. Wyles

"I really REALLY appreciate your rapid response. I'm actually gobsmacked that I can receive two spot on answers within minutes of me asking. Bravo!"
- J. Randle

"Thank you for the oportunity to experiment here [with free ASP.NET 4.0 Hosting Sandbox]. I have a few accounts here already, for myself and for clients, and will be switching more as clients' accounts as they expire at other ISPs."
- PaoloTCS

"I finally signed up for DiscountASP.NET! They seem to be the one of the best Windows 2008 / ASP.NET hosting out there."
- G. Guerini

October 2009

"I am super happy with Service is great and cost is very affordable."
- L. Bugnion

"Great, thanks guys. All seems to be working. Your help and prompt responses are much appreciated."
- A. Clark

September 2009

"So glad to be here... just moved over from another hosting company that is in technical meltdown - and so far DiscountASP.Net has been excellent. Great service, simple control panel - data transfer rates are very good too... The sites I've moved over here to Discount ASP.Net are performing great. You guys run a great setup."
- abouch

"As a web developer, i am glad to go with someone who knows hosting. works great with the sitefinity cms we use and the database backup tool is handy. the only one time i needed to contact the support was answered quickly and professionally."
- E. Chau

"that worked!!!! :-))))))))))))) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! By the way, this was my first support call and I have to say that your support is pretty awesome. The speed in which this was handled was quite impressive. :-)"
- M. Kloberg

"I am really happy to have the WebMenu and WebBar components in my design arsenal. It steps me up a notch, in the presentation layer. I just renewed my yearly Hosting account. I am very pleased with the service and support of DiscountASP.NET. It is allowing me to grow as an Application Developer. Thanks Again for your Help."
- J. Hurys

"The issue seems to be that GoDaddy blocks the ports/sockets/whatever necessary for your site to communicate with others. How'd I fix it? I cancelled my GoDaddy service with a full refund and purchased a year of hosting from DiscountASP.NET. Was up and running in an hour and, OMG, everything worked the very first time! IT WAS MY PROBLEM, I WAS HOSTED ON GODADDY!"
- M. Williamson

"Thanks so much for your immediate response! You guys at DiscountASP.NET rock!"
- M. Jong

August 2009

"DiscountASP.NET rocks - these guys get customer service - don't even think of using another provider "
- S. Harbar

"Pleased to endorse DiscountASP.NET as our web host. Up and running quickly within a reasonable budget!"
- via twitter @Viternus

"We were hosted elsewhere, and were tired of having slow service, when we got it, and no direct access to our SQL database. We browsed, we compared, we found you. Price alone was an inducement. Clarity of pricing and simplicity added to the charm. Concentration on .NET was very welcome. Having direct access to SQL Server was a gigantic draw. Reporting Services. IIS 7. Probably other stuff we don't know enough to appreciate yet. Making backups as zips and easy transfer down. AND up, AND restoring from the backup!? Yes! Add to that customer service that has answered promptly, clearly, effectively, and politely. If it's not too late, I'll stop before I just sound like a shill for you. We switched happily. We have been nothing but happier week by week. Did I mention not a second of downtime that I'm aware of in a month? Huge hug for a job very well done."
- R. Wannall

"I've had services with DiscountASP.NET for about 4 months now. Over the last 4 months my web site has been up consistently. I always receive my weekly site usage reports on time and email and database functionality/connectivity is always good... When I was setting up my account, I contacted support with several issues and they always responded promptly and my site was set up without a headache. It should be said the issues I was contacting support about were not run of the mill issues. I was inquiring into things like an encrypted database connection from my web apps on their hosting server to their database server, for example. Which, unfortunately they don't support that and hopefully they will soon. I've used several hosts before such as 1&1, Host Gator and several little known hosts found through Google but DiscountASP.NET definitely seems like the most stable of them yet."
- M. Hoagland

"very excellent quality, service and value."
- R. Watts

"I'm using Oxite on DiscountASP.NET and it's working well."
- E. Porter

"thanks for your great service over the last few years."
- ClimbFind

July 2009

"I just wanted to say that I am very satisfied with your service and I am glad that I switched from Network Solutions to you. You guys take the fear out of upgrading from Apache and PHP to Microsoft IIS and .NET. That's right, I said "upgrade". This is a FAR superior system if you are doing business. My customer satisfaction is running at 100% now that I can provide immediate access to their downloads. No more bottlenecks at the host server causing slow download speeds! Cheap bandwidth, rock-solid reliability, great support staff - what more could you want? The support staff are not the usual monkeys, in fact, they've got some rockstars on their terminals. My former host constantly sent annoying emails trying to get me to "upgrade" my account, making me wonder what was wrong with it in the first place. Keep up the good work."
- J. Murphy

"I went with DiscountASP.NET. It was great. It took me around 2 hours to setup the whole web site and database backend and the site works great. Thanks for your help."
- JB

"I have personally used the hosting services provided by DiscountASP.NET and can say that I have had a great experience so far. The response from customer service and support has been fast and friendly"
- K. Kusznir

"In my experience, DiscountASP.NET is one of the best shared providers"
- T. Anglin

"Been testing - excellent hosting so far."
- S. Moelants

"Having fun adding affiliates this morning. I love programs. They rock!"
- M. Talbot

"Thank you. I will not hesitate to recommend others to I have found their services very reliable."
- M. Reinhart

"Thank you very much for the quality of your work. Bravo for the quality of your customer relationships."
- J. Puisais

June 2009

"just got to say, DiscountASP.NET is the greatest host provider, easy to use, very flexible, good pricing"
- N. Coad

"been with DiscountASP.NET for about 1 month, so far quite pleased with them & their support seem responsive & helpful too"
- A. Savage

"I recently made a decision based on cost to switch from DiscountASP.NET to godaddy and now I'm regretting it. Godaddy is in fact cheaper (not by much), but the quality of the content and ads on their website is making it more and more difficult to recommend it to others, and it's annoying to be shown what is essentially 'pornography' each time I log in to manage my account. Anyway, I'm wanting to switch EVERYTHING back to DiscountASP.NET... I just wanted to send along a quick thank you to you guys, your service is excellent, I appreciate your website's professional image and I'm sorry I left! Thank you"
- J. Beagley

"My site is hosted on, never had any trouble with it. I particularly like how quickly they support new technology. You never need to wait long if you want to play with the latest version of .Net or SQL Server."
- S. Groot

"I really like this hosting. I even bought a credit card in order to be able to buy my web space there. They offer 1 Gb webspace and you are able to use all the new technologies like Asp.Net 3.5 SP1 ans Silverlight. The Service is also very good, I only had a question ones, and they answered in about 15 minutes."
- P. Klitzke

"Somehow I never realised that my host has servers in Europe - they have servers in Europe (London I believe), and I’ve just signed up for one. The transfer is already done and took about an hour to complete. So now I have IIS7 running in London, and its fast!"
- D. White

"Your information allowed me to resolve the last problem I was facing with my site. I want to thank you for the excellent job. By knocking this one out you are allowing me to port 15 additonal customer which I will be moving in the next couple of days. Once again thank you for your help."
- Alex

May 2009

"Notre site connaissait certains problèmes. Nous avons signalé les faits et l'équipe de DiscountASP.NET nous à apporté une solution très rapidement. La communication avec l'équipe technique fut très bonne et constructive Nous n'avons plus de problèmes ! Merci à DiscountASP.NET pour son écoute et sa rapidité d'intervention. Très bon service!"
- J. Puisais

"I have a number of accounts with DiscountASP.NET and they really *are* superb."
- John CC

"My site on DiscountASP.NET hasn't been down in a year+ due to DiscountASP.NET (though I broke it a few times momentarily)."
- D. Ward

"DiscountASP.NET hosting rocks!"
- J. Senior

"If you are looking for awesome web hosting, DiscountASP.NET is what we recommend to all our clients."
- A.M Shaffer

"Thanks! I could have not done without your help! I'm glad I chose DISCONTASP.NET. Keep up the good work."
- icedeocampo

"There are some great people working [at DiscountASP.NET], have been much help."
- G. Sinkowitz

April 2009

"These guys are great. Support experience was by far the best I have had with ANY hosting company. The tools they have for their customers to use are great (check the SQL Server .bak tool etc...) Thanks."
- J. Lynch

"Switched my website hosting back to DiscountASP.NET from GoDaddy. All the headache is gone.."
- J. Erickson

"WOW! That was easy! I cannot believe how much easier it was installing umbraco on than on my own XP Pro machine. Thanks a million for the instructions!"
- L. Diffie

"We love the hosting service and all the features and have been extremely happy with everything... speed, service, database hosting, support response, and email features... Especially the ability to have the ability to host multiple projects on the same hosting package.. which we were not able to do on our former host Network Solutions... without jumping through hoops and merging web.config files for seperate projects. Keep up the great work!"
- B. Seidler

"DiscountASP.NET is the best hosting company that I have found for .NET applications. They provide many SQL tools that make it easy to remotely manage your sql database directly from your computer that other hosting companies like GoDaddy do not."
- W. Harvey

"Loving your service so far. Being able to use the Remote IIS Manager is awesome! I'll be sure to send some referrals your way."
- T. Johansen

"I've had good luck with Used them for years. Positive experience so far."
- P. Lanoie

March 2009

"Exceptional customer service. I was with them for almost two years and needed help from their support at least 10-15 times. Each time I received a prompt and intelligent response."
- S. Smychkovich

"You guys have been great! I hope you continue to provide shared hosting for a long time."
- G. Bortosky

"Just to let you know that I have now fixed the issue thanks to you guys. I must say I am very impressed with your service overall!"
- L. Anderson

"Thanks for the quick email. My wife is just shaking her head, and smiling. She's been used to me walking around the house grumbling and waiting for weeks before my previous service would answer. And has been issuing "Yes dear" when I said why I 'needed' to move my site! I'm so used to having a bag full of restrictions shoved at me everytime I started doing anything with ASP.NET and the express packages, that I just can't stop smiling with the ease of setup at DiscountASP.NET. Couple that with the good videos from your partner LearnVisualStudio,net and I'm a happy retired old fart again. Thanks again, and looking forward to good times with your firm."
- F. Allen

"Thank you very much for being very helpful, professional in your reply & follow up, and friendly in your response. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work :)"
- A. AbdelHadi

"Their technical Response and Response time for the Website is great. They answered all the problems with installing a huge Website and Database on time and accurately."
- R. Camrass

"You can host MVC apps on DiscountASP.NET. I've found them to have excellent bang for the buck."
- D. Ward

"Just finished the migration and everything is working perfectly! I am not able to reproduce the problem anymore. You guys rock! Thanks so much for being able to quickly identify the problem for me because once I knew what the problem was, it was easy for me to modify the code and migrate to the Windows 2008 machine to resolve the issue. I'm a happy customer!"
- A. Baruh

"Thank you for the blisteringly fast reply and clear-cut and concise explanation and answer to my question. Seriously, 10/10 for that!"
- R. McSharry

"If you need robust ASP.NET hosting, DiscountASP.NET has served me very well."
- E. Thompson

February 2009

"Your site offers way more control and features than where I was. This is really cool! I already love it."
- K. Bennett

"We've been hosting a demo site on DiscountASP.NET for about a year now, and have never had any problems. The 'up-time' is great... They have full features, and it works! Support has never been an issue, and is frankly rarely required."
- Colleen W.

"I've been running my blog and website with DiscountASP.NET for the last 3 years and never had an incident. They offer ASP.NET 3.5 hosting and usually offer options to test beta versions of ASP.NET or SQL Server as well, which is something I like."
- M. Blomsma

"I'm using a shared hosting environment from DiscountASP.NET for [my] blog, and it has worked great."
- R. Widha

January 2009

"Just got brilliant tech support for a PHP app from DiscountASP.NET even though they specialise in ASP.NET. Great service DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Smithers

"awesome that you guys are on twitter now. Love the service! "
- J. Erickson

"I have several hosting accounts with DiscountASP.NET. Every .NET & Silverlight App I have built - they were able to support it!"
- J. Silvestri

"Exceptional customer service. I was with them for almost two years and needed help from their support at least 10-15 times. Each time I received a prompt and intelligent response."
- S. Smychkovich

"I've always had great support from them and my site is always online. Never any problems at all and I host a few different sites on their servers for the last year."
- Paul M.

"These guys are great. I highly recommend them."
- Paula

"Thanks for your prompt reply. I already host 2 sites with yourselves and have always been impressed by your prompt response and excellent service."
- J. Hillyer

"In a world of changing technology, when we look for places to put our apps, we're probably looking for people who are on the cutting edge of the frameworks as well. i want to draw your attention to why? well, for one their feature set rocks. but there is another reason why i like they support our communities well. through my involvement with user groups over the past 12 or so years, there are many vendors that really support communities well, and these guys are one of them. in the past they've provided community organizations a free hosting account to get going and build their communities. i think this level of commitment to building and supporting a broad developer ecosystem is great."
- T. Hueur

"Thank you for the excellent service you have provided during the four years i have been with you! Amazing & quick support at a very reasonable cost."
- S. Patel

"DiscountASP.NET is doing an incredible job of keeping us up to date with hosting issues. 4TW!"
- D. White

"Great to see how you are expanding your presence. Love your service."
- D. Garcia

"You guys KICK ASS!! I had been experiencing all manner of problems with my hoster of many years over the last few months since they performed a "platform upgrade", which was a total disaster. Seemingly they just don't understand how IIS works. To make it worse the level of support was appalling both in response times, total indifference to my problems and the deeply unprofessional nature of their staff. So based on a recommendation I moved the site a couple days back to DiscountASP.NET. Everything went incredibly smoothly, with your systems provisioning my services with great speed. And the response time from your support was incredible. With a great price and all the features I need plus more. Thanks for the excellent service so far. Have a great 2009!"
- S. Harbar

"We were having response issues in the UK with our site hosted on the US data center. DiscountASP.NET recommended migrating to the EU data center. Now our Customers in the UK have improved response time and the US has not suffered. I'd like to thank the DiscountASP.NET support team for migrating our web site, database and SSL certificate all over New Years Eve without any issues."
- K. Mepani

"Once again DiscountASP.NET customer service, from technician to accountant is the best I've ever dealt with. I greatly appreciate your assistance. You should tell your boss that I authorize you to take the rest of the day off :) Have a great day."
- J. Thomas

"DiscountASP.NET has made my life more relaxed. Since I've put my software on their infrastructure, everything simply keeps on working... DiscountASP.NET is worth a big recommendation! "
- P. Huizer

"I've been more than happy with been with them for over a year."
- A. Westgarth

"Thank you to the support team for making our migration to the London data center so efficient and pain free. Both our London and US Customers are reporting an improvement in perfromance."
- K. Mepani

"They offer Windows Server 2008, .NET 3.5 and SQL Server 2008. As well as SQL Server 2005 and Silverlight hosting. Very good host. I've had my blog hosted with them for about 5 years now without any real issues at all."
- C. Pietschmann

"I'm very happy with DiscountASP.NET. They've been my host for years."
- A. Ridlehoover

"Its working fine and I already booked one more website with you! Thanks a ton, this has been great."
- PhilipL

"That fixed it... I can't tell you how glad I am to have brought most of my clients over to your company. The service is awesome, and the control panel makes it possible for me to ask for service rarely. Thank you very much for all your help."
- D. Corby

See DiscountASP.NET Reviews and Testimonials From:
2010-16 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007
2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003

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