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  Team Foundation Server Hosting
a hosted solution for Source Control and Lifecycle Management for modern apps

        Team Foundation Server 2015, 2013, 2012 or 2010
        Shared or Managed Hosting
        USA or European data center location
        No long term contract, it's month-to-month

        Learn More: TFS Features and Pricing

team foundation server hosting - TFS 2015, TFS 2013,  TFS 2012 team foundation server hosting - visual studio 2010 tfs
DiscountASP.NET launches Managed TFS 2015 hosting
Managed TFS 2015 available in US and UK.

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Shared TFS Hosting
30 Days FREE
for up to 5 TFS users
then it's $20/month per user
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Managed TFS Hosting
Private instance of TFS
Fully-managed in USA or Europe
Sharepoint and Reporting options
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TFS Build-as-a-service
Standalone TFS Build solution
Reliable, customizable, and for complex build environments.
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TFS Build Server
build in the cloud Secure Download, Scheduled Builds, Continuous Integration, Deploy from Server...etc.
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free tfs proxy servers Proxy servers in 4 global locations: US West/East, UK, Asia
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  Hosted TFS Timesheet
teamexpand tfs timesheet
Fully-managed TFS Timesheet solution available. Learn More | Contact Us

  What is TFS?
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft’s application lifecycle management solution. TFS helps developer teams effectively manage modern software development projects.

TFS 2015 is the latest version of Team Foundation Server, but we also support TFS 2013, 2012 and 2010.

Learn more about TFS 2015
Learn more about TFS 2013
Learn more about TFS 2012
Learn more about TFS 2010

What is TFS Basic & Full?
With TFS 2010, Microsoft introduced TFS Basic and TFS Full as two TFS configurations. TFS Basic supports source control and work item tracking. TFS Full supports TFS Basic features and also Sharepoint and Reporting.

DiscountASP.NET offers shared TFS solutions with the TFS Basic configuration and managed TFS solutions with your choice of TFS Basic or TFS Full.

Not sure about TFS yet?
We offer 30 days free with our shared TFS service for up to 5 users so you can test it out with your team without any risk.

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why tfs cloud hosting Why hosted TFS?

Simply put, TFS hosting takes away the headaches, money, time and resources associated with managing infrastructure so your developer team can focus on what they do best - developing killer applications.

Compare the costs of hosted TFS vs. running TFS in-house here.

You and your team can manage projects from anywhere and collaborate more efficiently to meet your user and stakeholder expectations. Today's software development is about rapid and continuous software enhancements and your team can meet these demands and challenges without being bogged down with management of the actual collaboration infrastructure itself.

Traditionally TFS was managed on-premises but DiscountASP.NET offers a hosted SaaS solution for TFS and it's easy to get started.

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tfs hosting testimonials What customers are saying

"We are in the middle of developing now and I would like to thank you again for [TFS hosting]. I've been working with a customized scrum template and it is a huge help for us... We can keep track, plan and manage and sync our project... In a form of feedback I would like to mention that your service is just fast and secure. At the moment of 'speaking' I am doing another project in VS with the usage of a subversion plugin to see the differences between those two and TFS is just way better in every aspect.. and your support is great. It is actually one of the best I've seen around."
- K. Kesteloot

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