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Hosting in US & Europe

hosted TFS in USA and UK
We offer TFS Hosting
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FREE TFS Proxy Servers

We understand that if you or your developer team members are located far from our data centers, there will be some latency which can affect your team's productivity.

To help our customers in this scenario, we introduce a new FREE TFS Proxy server service in multiple locations around the globe that should help speed things up for you and your developer teams.

What is TFS Proxy?

Team Foundation Server Proxy is a caching proxy server that can help improve your development team’s productivity by saving local copies of the source control files on servers that are closer to your team members.

So for example, your TFS hosting account can be set up on our servers in Los Angeles or London, but a team member working in Australia or India will be able to connect to a server closer to their location and work on the same projects without the latency they might experience connecting to our U.S.-based or Europe-based TFS servers.

How much faster? Review this performance evaluation.

What locations are you offering TFS Proxy

We are currently offering TFS Proxy servers in these geographical locations:

- USA - West Coast - California
- USA - East Coast - Virginia
- Europe - UK
- Asia - Singapore

Please provide us with feedback on the proxy service and other locations that would benefit you.

How do I enable the TFS Proxy Service?

You can enable the TFS Proxy service from within the TFS Control Panel. We've added a new section called "Proxy Manager".

How much is the TFS Proxy Service?

We offer the hosted TFS Proxy server as a FREE service to all our TFS hosting customers that would benefit from its use.

Which TFS versions do you offer TFS proxy service?

Currently, TFS Proxy servers are available for TFS 2010 and TFS 2012 users.


Knowledge Base:
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Configure Visual Studio 2010 to connect to your TFS 2010 Proxy Server
Configure Visual Studio 2008 to connect to your TFS 2010 Proxy Server
Configure Visual Studio 2005 to connect to your TFS 2010 Proxy Server

Team Foundation Server: Introducing Proxy
Team Foundation Server 2010 Proxy: Informal Performance Evaluation

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