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TFS 2015 Hosting

DiscountASP.NET offers TFS 2015 hosting services - the latest in TFS technology.

We offer both Shared and Managed TFS 2015 hosting in both our US-based and UK-based data center.
- You can choose TFS 2015 as an option in our shared TFS hosting Sign up form.
- You can get a quote for Managed TFS hosting here.

TFS 2015 delivers a comprehensive application lifecycle management (ALM) platform which allows for agile development, improved collaboration and continuous delivery of software.

Review features of TFS 2015 Hosting Solutions

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What's New with TFS 2015

Quick Code Edit

Now you have the ability to make quick edits of files right through the web portal. This includes the ability to add, delete and rename files.

Team Project Renaming

This was a big "ask" from the developer community for years and Team Foundation Server now supports renaming of your Team Projects.

Identity Control

The new identity control includes full name, avatar and email address.

Taskboard Enhancement

TFS 2015 brings the option to display bugs on the taskboard.

Customizable Cards

Configuration options now include adding fields and tags.

Backlog Enhancements

Backlog navigation updated to allow improved drill down. Opt-in backlog levels allow you to configure your team members to view the items most relevant to them. Backlog reordering is supported from a filtered backlog. Text filtering on backlogs is supported.

Kanban Board Enhancements

Ability to add new cards and inline editing. Ability to reorder on the Kanban board. Split columns introduced to Kanban board. Ability to create horizontal swimlanes to track different catetories of work. Ability to better define what "done" means.

Other Enhancements

Git integration improvements, History control improvedments, and Folder history improvements.

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