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vss migration services From your VSS (Visual SourceSafe) to our TFS hosting
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Hosting in US & Europe

hosted TFS in USA and UK
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TFS Build as a Service

What is Build-as-a-Service

Build-as-a-Service is our standalone TFS Build service. This service provides a TFS Build solution for users who manage their Team Foundation Server projects on-premises and seek to reduce headaches associated with managing their build environments - or - for users who host their TFS projects at other TFS hosting providers, such as Microsoft Team Foundation Services, and require a more robust and/or customized build experience.

Currently, our Build-as-a-Service solution is located in our US-based data center.

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Advantages of TFS Build-as-a-Service

Private Instance: The TFS Build environment we provide you is private and will not be shared by any other customer.

Managed Service: With our Build-as-a-Service, we take away the headaches of managing hardware and the build server maintenance saving you money and resources.

Server-Side Customization: We can install software or other frameworks on the build server that are required to build your project.

Customizable Test Framework: You can use the Test Framework you require and are not limited to, for example, MS Test Framework.

Code Signing Certificate: Your application may require a code signing certificate. We can install that.

FTP / WebDAV Access: Instead of picking up your build results by going back to source control, you can have direct access via FTP or WebDAV.

Deployment: We can install webdeploy on the build server so you can deploy your build directly from the build server.

Multiple Build Servers: In certain scenarios, you may want to run multiple build servers with multiple build agents. We can set up complex build environments.

Connects to Hosted Team Foundation Services: Our Build-as-a-Service solution can connect to other hosted TFS services like Microsoft Team Foundation Services.

Connects to On-Premises TFS: Our Build-as-a-Service solution can connect your TFS servers on-premises.

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