An award-winning leader in ASP.NET hosting

DiscountASP.NET comes to you from great metropolis of Los Angeles, where we began back in 2003. Before that, most of us worked for other hosting companies in town. And like good employees everywhere, we all figured that we knew a much better way to run things. As it turns out, Frank Cheung and Takeshi Eto actually did know a better way. They felt so strongly about their ideas that they decided to put them into motion, and DiscountASP.NET was born.

frank cheung
takeshi kurt eto

Frank wanted to build a platform for developers based on the latest Microsoft technology at the time, ASP.NET. Takeshi wanted to continue his pioneering work in providing high quality hosting services at below market prices. Together they laid the groundwork for DiscountASP.NET and got to work building a team that could bring their ideas to life. DiscountASP.NET was among the very first companies anywhere to offer ASP.NET hosting, and it was a big hit from day one.

It's cool to be first, but we also wanted to be the best option for ASP.NET hosting, so we focused on support and staying a step ahead of everyone else in the game when it came to introducing new technology, and new versions of existing technology.

victor shing
martin ortega
abraham chung

To genuinely focus on support means that our tech support team has to stay abreast of the changing technology and be prepared for anything that comes their way. They do that through weekly training (yes, weekly) and constant immersion in ASP.NET technology.

The .NET community has enthusiastically responded to our way of doing things, and we've returned the favor with support for the .NET community through User Group, CodeCamp and GiveCamp sponsorships and appearances, as well as support for other tech-centric gatherings all over the world.

If there's one thing you can be sure of it's that the hosting technology landscape will continue to change. But no matter how it changes, you can be sure that we will always keep and value our core focus on .NET, and we'll continue to be here to support your ASP.NET applications and websites.