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5 stars
They are the BEST!
C. Woodbury
The technical support is outstanding at They just helped me troubleshoot my web-api deployment. We got it working, and I couldn't be happier! They have helped me with web application deployments, as well as database services. They are the best. I've been using them as my hosting provider as long as I've been a .NET developer. Keep up the great work.
5 stars
DiscountASP.NET support team second to none!
A. Warren
We have been hosting sites with DiscountASP.NET for over ten years now, we don't often need support, but when we do, the DiscountASP.NET support team are second to none!
5 stars
DiscountASP.NET is top notch
A. Warren
DiscountASP.NET is top notch. Their tools and their people are rock solid. The online control panel is so well done that I nearlly figured out dynamic web hosting with database the same day I started. My only difficulty was related to the SSL cert which was all my fault for not reading everything they posted about the topic.
5 stars
Also Resolve Issues and Provide Advice
S. Lee
I've rarely had to worry, ever, as their support team quickly and effectively resolves my issues every time. Seems that any time of day that I put in a ticket, I not only get an answer but quick resolution as well. They have saved me several times (from myself), and I'm thankful for their support. Absolutely been a great experience working with them. Even when I'm not messing things up, they are great with advice and recommendations. Definitely 5-stars.
5 stars
Great support with launching a website
R. Stewart
I've hosted websites with DiscountASP.NET for several years. Every couple of years when I launch a new site I need technical help to get everything figured out around DNS entries and/or SSL certs. I just launched a new website and I needed a bit more help than usual. The staff was very patient while helping me remember how to set some things up, especially around the SSL cert. I always have complete confidence the support staff will help me to very quickly get my websites launched.
5 stars
Using DiscountASP.NET's Web Hosting Service for almost 9 Years
I. A. Amit
Since June 2008, I've using Windows Web Hosting of DiscountASP.NET. It's really a long period of time, almost 9 years using their services. They've a great support team who gives the required support whenever I needed. Solved any issues within a short period of time. I'll be using their Windows Web Hosting Service continuously in the future as they always evolving with the Latest/Current Releases of all available Products & Services.
5 stars
Outstanding Customer Service!
I have been a customer of DiscountASP.NET since approximately 2009. I created a rudimentary website to meet a business requirement; and it filled our need despite my inexperience. DiscountASP.NET helped me whenever necessary, which was often late at night. My business need for this website finally expired and alas, so did my website. I was lucky to have found them when I did; I have been a happy customer for over a decade. Thank you!
5 stars
I've been using for…
Jakob H.
I've been using DiscountASP.NET for many, many years to host my websites and those of my clients. Their services are simply outstanding and the support team is incredible. I highly recommend DiscountASP.NET if you are looking to build a website.
5 stars
The tech support is fantastic
C. Bowman
The tech support is fantastic! They are always quick to respond and go the extra mile to help me. I purchased an SSL certificate for my website recently but the company providing the certificate never sent me an email with instructions. I contacted DiscountASP.NET and Martin took care of the issue. He even installed the updated SSL on my website. I have been with DiscountASP.NET for 19 years and have never been disappointed with their tech support.
4 stars
Great Support
G. Awad
Great Support. It is not easy supporting all the versions along with all the versions of Visual Studio and SQL server. Nice to know they started when first came out to replace classic asp. I use Mac as my primary pc and downloaded the Azure Data Studio but have common error message when connecting to my sql 2017 database. The web based MS Sql manager that is available is sufficient for managing database. Little bit of learning curve compared to SSMS.
5 stars
Excellent Web Hosting Services.
N. Mekras
Excellent Web Hosting Services. For more than 15 years we have been using DiscountASP.NET for the hosting of our web applications. Very good Control Panel and great support by the staff of DiscountASP.NET. Thank you again for the up to now collaboration.
5 stars
What more could one ask for?
D. Smith
Whenever I've had a question about my hosting account, or a problem, DiscountASP.NET has responded quickly and helpfully. When a billing issue arose, they resolved it very well. Uptime is great. Perhaps best of all, DiscountASP.NET does not continually try to sell me additional "features" beyond those I have. They simply make sure everything works.
5 stars
Long Time User of DiscountASP.NET
Ape Software
We’ve been working with DiscountASP.NET for several years hosting an ASP.NET MVC website along with at least one SQL Server in addition to several other related features. DiscountASP.NET has always been easy-to-use and I would recommend their service for anyone who wants to bypass the complexity and get straight to a functional website. Their tech support, which I have used several times over the years, is always quick (same or one day) and to the point helping me with exactly what I’m attempting to learn or fix.
5 stars
Real Website Development
H. Crawford
I'm a poet and software engineer. When my first book of poetry ("American Software") came out I wanted an author's website that would also serve as a creative platform. You can't do that with a canned website and WordPress is far too restrictive. With DiscountASP.NET, it was easy to set up the site quickly allowing me to go through several iterations as the site went from pure HTML to MVC 5. This is a craftsman's place where you are limited only by your skill and imagination.
5 stars
Excellent Customer Service
Don W.
In general, most hosting providers provide the same service. However, it's the details that separate the good from the best. I very recently had an issue with my website which was my doing. I contacted their support team for any help they may be able to provide and they went above and beyond my expectations helping me get resolved. I can't recommend them enough and I thank for team for all the great support. 5 Stars.

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