DotNetNuke (DNN) Hosting

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DotNetNuke is an open source, extensible content management system that is ideal for creating and maintaining professional websites and compatible with DiscountASP.NET's ASP.NET hosting platform. You will need the SQL database add-on for DotNetNuke hosting.

A one-click installer for DotNetNuke is available in our Web Application Gallery.

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DiscountASP.NET recommendsEverleapDotNetNuke will run on the DiscountASP.NET platform, but for large or busy DNN sites we recommend our cloud hosting platform Everleap. Everleap is great for resource intensive applications, offering scaling options that are not possible at DiscountASP.NET, including running your DotNetNuke site on its own private SSD-powered Cloud Server.

Key DotNetNuke (DNN) features

DNN is Fully extensible and scalable
Suitable for many projects, from the smallest website to the largest corporate deployment. Internet or intranet sites can be developed entirely with built-in DotNetNuke features, or can be augmented through third-party private assembly tools.

Clearly licensed under a BSD-style license
Software can be completely incorporated, modified, and adapted to personal/business use without having to worry about legalities. So no licensing issues are of concern with Dot Net Nuke Hosting.

Constantly evolving through real world trial
The open source nature of DotNetNuke allows programmers and web masters to read, redistribute, and modify the source code, essentially evolving the software at a rapid pace. End-user suggestions result in quick improvements and enhancements to the software.

Emphasis on security
Emphasis placed on validation, encryption, "bug" tracking and potential threats.

User friendly interface
Well-researched interface makes it easy for users to manage all aspects of their projects. Site wizards, help icons, and an intuitive user interface allow universal ease-of-operation.

Large user base and community support
With a dedicated core programming team, over 750,000 registered users, and a growing legion of third-party DotNetNuke developers, hosts, and resellers, community support is always close-at-hand.

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