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VevoCart is a full-featured e-Commerce store that's highly configurable, scalable and fully customizable with full C# source code included. It is an ASP.NET PCI compliant eCommerce application, designed to meet all PCI compliance requirements.

The DiscountASP.NET hosting platform is fully compatible with VevoCart Community (you will need the SQL database add-on).

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DiscountASP.NET recommendsEverleapThe free VevoCart Community version will run on the DiscountASP.NET platform, but if you are using the commercial VevoCart versions we recommend our cloud hosting platform Everleap. Everleap is great for resource intensive applications, offering scaling options that are not possible at DiscountASP.NET, including running your Kentico site on its own private SSD-powered Cloud Server.

Key features of VevoCart

  • Full Source Code
  • Multilayered architecture
  • Modular design
  • Configurable catalog layouts
  • Themes and Master Pages

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