DiscountASP.NET Master Control Panel

DiscountASP.NET offers the most advanced Microsoft-based shared web hosting system in the industry today, which is why many of our customers host multiple accounts with us. To facilitate the management of multiple hosting accounts, we have developed a Master Control Panel system to allow you to bind and manage multiple Control Panels together under one login.

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The Master Account Binding System can be used to:

  • Create a new Master Account/Master Login
  • Add/bind new hosting control panels to the Master Login
  • Manage (modify/delete) bound hosting control panels
  • Update Master Login credentials

To access the Master Control Panel, go to the regular hosting Control Panel and use your Master Login credentials. You will then be able to toggle between all of your bound Control Panels.

See this Knowledge Base article How to log in to multiple Control Panels with one login for instructions on managing multiple Control Panels.

See what DiscountASP.NET customers have to say about the Master Control Panel

"Master login... Brilliant... Well done and thanks." - S. Leslie

"I just wanted to say thank you for your latest innovation, the master control panel. Great work. Makes my life easier!! When I was looking for a site ...I was looking for ASP.NET support, good tech support, reliable service and all at a reasonable price. I now have 4 hosting sites on DiscountASP.NET and I will probably have more." - P. Nolan