Microsoft SQL Server Profiler as a Service

SQL Profiler

What is SQL Profiler?
SQL Profiler is a powerful tool that allows the application and database developer to troubleshoot general locking problems, performance issues, perform database tuning, etc. See this MSDN article on SQL server profiler scenarios.

Why is SQL Profiler Useful?
Profiler captures all the SQL queries (and the associated CPU/IO usage) issued to the database, which is especially useful in identifying production environment problems - those problems not exposed in the development environment.

SQL Profiler Service

What the SQL Profiler service covers
We will perform a database trace with the "Standard" trace template at a time you specify, then place the trace file (.trc) in your website account. You can download the file and analyze it using SQL Profiler or Database Tuning Advisor on your local computer.

SQL Profiler Service Pricing
2 minute trace run at a time specified by customer: $15
Each additional minute (maximum of 15 minutes total trace): $1/minute.

If you wish to use the SQL Profiler service, please contact our Technical Support department.

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