Website Cloud Backup

website backup, database backup Website Cloud Backup allows you to automatically and securely back up your website and databases to an off-site location, keep multiple versions, and easily restore your files, speeding up your recovery time from accidental file deletions or hacking activities. You can order the Website Cloud Backup service through the DiscountASP.NET Control Panel.

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Off-site backup to the cloud
Your website and databases are backed up off-site, onto Amazon cloud servers.

Daily backups

Website Cloud Backup will automatically back up your website and databases on the schedule you choose. You control when your site and databases are backed up.

Store multiple versions

Website Cloud Backup will store multiple backup versions. You can control the number of versions to store and retention time.


Website files are transferred securely using FTP over SSL. In the cloud storage your files are encrypted.

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MySQL backup

Website Cloud Backup can access your MySQL database and back it up automatically.

MS SQL backup

Website Cloud Backup can access your SQL database and back it up automatically. Website Cloud Backup works with SQL 2008 and above.

Blacklist monitoring

If your site is ever flagged by Google as compromised, our Blacklist Monitoring service will alert you and stop your backups to prevent making a backup of compromised files.

Site restoration

With the Website Cloud Backup restore feature you can restore your entire website or specific files quickly and easily from any of your saved backups.

Website Cloud Backup control panel

You get access to an easy-to-use, intuitive control panel for managing your backups and service configurations.

If you have any questions about Website Cloud Backup, let us know.

Website Cloud Backup Plans

Storage Monthly fee
5 GB $1.75
10 GB $2.75
30 GB $6.75
Over 30GB Contact us