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Visual WebGui Compatible ASP.NET Hosting

Visual WebGui is a rich Internet, Cloud & SaaS application platform that extends desktop power to the Internet to provide much more powerful, richer, faster UI and by-design security.

Special Offer for DiscountASP.NET Customers
Visual WebGui is offering DiscountASP.NET customers with a $50 discount off their Professional Studio! Customers can get the special coupon code in the Control Panel Marketplace.

Visual WebGui Product Line

Visual WebGui offers a series of open source products atop its innovative rich Internet applications (RIA) platform, which together enable the unique Visual WebGui desktop-like developer experience that leads to the simplest, most cost-effective development and deployment of rich data centric applications on the web/cloud.

Visual WebGui flattens AJAX / Silverlight Web UI development into a single layer, eliminating the complexities and avoiding the restrictions of developing and deploying rich Internet applications (RIA) on the web. This achievement is possible due to Visual WebGui unique technology that results in desktop-like development patterns and behavior, supported by all Visual WebGui products.

Visual WebGui offers superior developer and user desktop-like web experiences with unmatched performance, responsiveness and security on the web. The Visual WebGui developer experience is further enhanced throughout the open source product line with its seamless integration into Visual Studio (Professional Studio) and the .NET Framework that lead to exceptional productivity in delivering RIAs.

Visual WebGui Features

Design Time Empowerment
Includes simple, unique WYSIWYG drag and drop form designer and unique visual WYSIWYG point and click UI designer.

Run Time Empowerment
Provides extra rich, super fast and interactive UI that is highly scalable and compatible with all standard browsers and Silverlight.

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